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proxy servers

If you have a proxy server connected to your computer, server, or browser, your IP address remains hidden. Instead, any object that tracks or analyzes your digital activity will view the IP address of the proxy server.

Proxy servers act as gateways, receiving data sent from your computer they do not pass your data to sites, ensuring that the requested sites only see the IP address of the proxy server. This ensures anonymity on the Internet. Consider the advantage of buying a personal proxy on the site at an attractive price


Every internet user wants a normal speed. Common proxies can disappoint some users in terms of speed. If all proxy server users are online at the same time, they can overload the server bandwidth. This factor will make users nervous because of the depressingly slow operation of the Internet. If you have a personal proxy, speed will not interfere with anonymous Internet access. Thus, a dedicated proxy server runs faster than a shared one.


Some users of a shared or public proxy server may be spammers or hackers. If you decide to use a shared proxy server for your business from an unverified provider, you may run the risk of cybercrime. Remember that the proxy server receives data from your server or computer. This means that if there is a malicious server administrator, he can access personal information, such as financial or contact information. Shared proxy servers can also be used by hackers to hack into your company’s servers or computers or to hack your browser for proper use. Private proxies are safer because you are the only one who uses them at all times. The only risk is security concerns from your provider.

No advertising

If you hate advertising and spam on the Internet, you should avoid free generic proxies. Some generic proxy providers install adware in your browser that launches ads every time you use a proxy. This process can slow down your device or, worse, send your email address to different advertisers. If you use shared proxies, you often find that your online experience is flooded with advertising and spam. Private proxy servers are paid, so they do not contain spam and annoying banners or ads.


Some public proxies are free but have many disadvantages, such as danger and unreliability. Private proxies are more expensive. Speed, security, anonymity, and reliability come at a price. The paid proxy has first-class 24/7 support to provide a seamless online experience for every company.

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