How to Keep Your App Optimized in 2019

how to keep app optimized in 2019

The popularity of mobile apps seems to grow with each passing year. Last year, the mobile app industry generated over $85 billion in revenue. For most tech entrepreneurs, finding a way to attract new users for their app is a must.

The only way to keep your app functional and appealing is by optimizing it on a regular basis. Failing to update your app will not only make it slower, it can also lead to serious security issues. With a bit of hard work and know-how, developing and releasing updates will be a breeze.

Are you looking for ways to optimize your app in 2019? If so, check out the helpful information below.

Caching and Compressing Images is a Great Idea

One of the first things a user will notice about your app is the images and typography you are using. If the images on your app are not optimized properly, it will lead to slow load times.

The first thing you need to do to fix this issue is to develop a system that cache images. By caching all of the images used in your app, you can improve performance levels while decreasing the amount of network traffic you have to deal with.

Taking the time to compress the size of the images used on your app is also important. The smaller the image file size is, the faster they will ultimately load. Luckily, there are a variety of different programs that can help you with this task.

Using Loading Validations is a Must

When trying to optimize your app, you need to look at it from a user’s point of view. Most users will perceive app load times to be slower than they actually are. This means you need to do more to change a user’s perception.

The best way to do this is by providing users with visible feedback as the app is responding in the background. By doing this, you can make your app appear to load much faster than it actually is. Using funny quotes or hypnotic graphics on this load screen can be extremely effective.

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Make Data Load As It Is Needed

The longer you make users wait to view parts of your app, the higher the risk will become of them leaving out of frustration. This is why you need to work on splitting up the various assemblies running within your app.

By doing this, you can allow users to view parts of the app while other things are loading. Monitoring how fast these parts of your app load is vital. You can find out more about monitoring performance by reading this page – What is Application Performance Management? 10 APM Features.

Test Your App’s Performance Often

The biggest mistake most business owners make is releasing an app before it is ready. While being first to market has value, you don’t want your app to suffer as a result of being impatient. This is why adequately testing the app at every stage of development is a must.

Once you have released your app, be sure to test it on a regular basis. Allowing IT professionals to perform a penetration test can bring to light security issues your app has. The time and money invested in this type of testing will definitely pay off in the long run.

Seek Out Professional Help When Developing an App

If you have very little app development experience, then reaching out for some professional help is a great idea. With this help, you can create an app that is reliable and easy to use. The money paid to these developers will be worth it considering the results they can produce.

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