How to Select the Best Boombox

how to select the best boombox
Owning a boombox reaffirms the fact that a person gives a lot of value to music in his/her life, because no loud music can give the satisfying feeling that the music from your own box can give. Considering how music is developing and becoming more complex, and how people are increasingly looking for more and more convenience, it comes as no surprise that all kinds ranging from high quality to children’s boombox have become abundant and competitive.

Among all this competition, this article serves as your guide to select the best boombox out there for your needs, and highlights the aspects you need to consider.

1. Versatility of Plug-Ins

This is a key feature to look at in every boombox, because the days when a walker was used for CD’s and an MP3 to store music are over. The purchase you make should have the ability to be compatible for all interfaces ranging from CD to DVD to direct cable connection and wireless connectivity.

A unit that offers all these functions automatically takes precedence over one that does not, so you should keep this as one of your main selection criterion.

2. Quality and Equalizing

Loud music is not the best just when it is loud, but when every instrument and note inside the song can be heard with sufficient abundance. This is why you should check the sound quality for the kind of music you listen to, and see if your boombox is able to deliver justice to each style.

In case you want a more rocky feel or a jazzy touch, or any mixing in the sound to match your liking, your boombox should also offer you the option of equalizing the sound according to your will.

3. Portability

boombox vs loud speaker difference
The reason why a boombox should not be confused with a loud speaker is the portability; you can carry your boombox around where you go and start up the music. If you want a unit that you want to keep at one place and rarely move, then you should simply go for a regular loud speaker set.

If you find that your boombox is too heavy to carry around, it just may not be the best pick for you.

4. Power Source and Life

If your boombox runs on a rechargeable battery then it is indeed a great unit, but make sure that you do not have to keep it plugged in for 23 hours of the day in order for it to give a backup of 1 hour. Check the battery life and read reviews on it before you make a selection.

In addition, try to look for alternative power sources which can be used by the boombox, and see how many sources it is compatible with.

5. Cost

This is the last major consideration, but certainly not the least. The best boomboxes out there offer a lot of incredible incentives, but they tend to be very costly, so if you are on a budget and cannot allocate more than you have determined, be careful to read up on the average costs for a decent boombox before you hit the market.

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