4 Innovative Technological Advancements

Technological innovations are advancing at a rapid pace, affecting both individual’s lives and organizations. As technology progresses, the younger generation no longer sees computers as merely screens and keyboards. Technology impacts day-to-day activities, holding an important role like that of a shoe or a hat. There are many technological innovation stories which can be found in science fiction stories, comic books and in movies featuring superheroes and artificially intelligent life forms. However, many are no longer just stories. Here are four examples of technological innovations that are affecting human life:

1. Drones

drones technologyThe aerial vehicles known as drones have drastically changed past their original military usage. Hobby drone enthusiasts use this handy equipment as a creative outlet for photography and film, among other beneficial usages for the technology. The list continuously grows of unusual ways to use drones, including delivering medicine from the sky, fighting fires, whale watching and more. Scientists, government officials, businesses and people can now use drones to benefit society.

2. 3D Printing

3d printing technologyYou can now purchase some 3D printers at retail supply chains, though these are often not as incredibly high-tech as some professional corporations may own. Regardless, the 3D printer has the ability to revolutionize societies and affect the way we live, one example being architecture. The first 3-D printed bridge was put up in the Netherlands for cyclists to cross. This example illustrates how influential the 3D printer can be in the future. If it can be used to create bridges, 3D printing personal appliances is not a far-fetched idea.

3. Financial AI

ai technologyAI is affecting the way that people invest and bank in the financial space. Keeping one’s finances in order is incredibly important for all of the aspects of life. Offering tech savvy qualities and convenience, td ameritrade essential portfolios offer a robo advisor space to monitor and track finances at all times easily. This online software manages people’s investments easier, faster and more efficient.

4. Virtual Reality

virtual reality technologyVirtual reality headsets are a fun alternative to the older and less experiential way to play games. Once you put on the headset, your reality becomes shifted to a new experience that immerses you in different environments, all without leaving your living room. However, VR has been a breakthrough for more than just the gaming industry. For example, NASA prepares astronauts for space through a virtual reality lab on earth.  Science, medicine, architecture, business and many other industries stand to benefit from the advancements in VR.

Final Conclusion

Future generations will live in a new world thanks to the way that is technology advancing. While we are not yet living like the Jetsons, we may not be far. If people can use a 3D printer to create a bridge in the Netherlands, who is to say 3D printed cities, where people fly around in their very own drone cars is not possible? At the very least, we will be able to experience this world through VR headsets until it becomes a reality. People have the ability to create a new world, ridden of problems, one technological advancement at a time.

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