3 Reasons Why Users Discard Mobile Apps

reasons why users discard mobile apps
It is obvious that mobile apps are the last frontier for doing business and engaging with customers. Over the last few years, numerous mobile apps providing all manner of services to subscribers have appeared on the market and the trend shows no signs of slowing down.

However, many apps are discarded by users after just a few uses and this is currently the biggest headache for app developers. How do you ensure that your clients install and keep using your app?

Ensure your App is Reliable

check if reliableMany developers do a great work when it comes to creating buzz around their apps. Unfortunately, due to whatever reasons, many applications tend to crash and have bugs early on. This is could spell doom for you as a mobile app developer.

Statistics reveal that over 58 percent of users uninstall applications that crash on their first use. The credibility of your app will be harmed if it crashes regularly, especially during the first interactions with the app. After all, first impressions matter.

Test your app properly to ensure that it is working at its best before launching it into the market. If the problem is with the connection or service provider your image will ultimately suffer, even if you aren’t at fault. It is better to work with smart hosting providers that are more adapted to the needs of mobile app developers if you want your app to be as performant as possible. And don’t skip on hosting costs, especially if you have to deal with large databases. Hosting is the last area where you want to cut corners.

Data and Power Consumption

There are two things that smartphone users across the board hold dear: their data and battery life. They are most likely using their phones for things other than interacting using your app.

Make sure you streamline your app so that it consumes as little energy as possible.

Loading Time

ensure fast loadingWaiting for several seconds for an application to load is one of the surest ways for your app to be discarded without a second thought. Users today have zero patience and even shorter attention spans, so make sure that your app runs on all cylinders.

Develop apps that are light and load fast and can deal with the erratic and volatile connectivity issues of many mobile apps. Remember, your client is not aware of how the app functions and doesn’t care if the app’s poor performance is due to a poor connection. Clients don’t need to know that PNG images load slower than JPEGs. All they are interested in is the final product.

It is up to you to ensure that you don’t keep your clients waiting for your app to load.

These are just some of the turn offs that might deter users from using your app and even give it a negative review on the way out. Make sure that your app runs smoothly and is reliable. If you manage to release an app that is energy efficient, fills an actual need, runs smoothly and doesn’t have bugs and downtimes, you’ll definitely have a winner on your hands.

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