Spa Software For People In the Pool Maintenance Business

spa software for people in the pool maintenance business
Spa pool design, manufacture and installation is only the start of a spa business. A key component for many businesses is the after installation care that revolves around ongoing maintenance and cleaning of a customer’s spa. This often provides the bread and butter of the business but can also be the most time consuming aspect to administer.

Therefore, using specialist business tools like Evosus’ spa software can help make your business not only more efficient, but also more profitable. Good spa software should be able to help you keep track of clients and their specific requirements, not just keep track of the basic accounting that generic business software will cope with.

Not to disparage business software, because it certainly can help simplify a lot of processes. However, often businesses tend to look more at a basic accounting package which usually requires specialist knowledge of accounting procedures to really make good use of it. Yes, being able to easily create quotes, keep track of invoices paid, and being able to see a customers purchase (and payment) history is a great asset to any business, however most businesses rarely actually look at the data that this sort of information generates, so don’t use their accounting software to the full advantage.

What Should Software Do For Me?

Good business software will make your business more efficient and your life easier. This means that any software that you purchase for your hot tub business should be easy to use, and have functionality that works for your specific business. Generic off the shelf software that hasn’t been specifically tailored to work for those in the pool and spa business misses vital aspects that these business owners need. Being able to keep track of customers is only the beginning, good software will also allow you to keep track of chemicals, equipment, maintenance schedules and specifications.

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Profiles for Pools Not Just Customers

Although having mobile functioning software that your spa technicians can access and update while on the job is the ultimate dream. Even having the ability to call into the office and get quick information based on a specific callout, or being able to check details before going on a scheduled maintenance call can speed up the amount of time your staff takes to complete a job, and reduce wastage on chemicals and parts. Being able to make a note on the file to say that a particular house has repeat problems because they have a tree that drops seeds which clog up the spa filter in an unusual or difficult to detect manner can save hours of expensive frustration for both your staff and your customer. Or noting that the spa you are servicing is an obscure imported model that has a unique filtration system which requires specific cleaning products means that you are not at risk of causing damage to the system.

Price Tracking

Obviously one of the biggest advantages to specialist spa software is being able to easily itemize the requirements for an ongoing maintenance and service client. Being able to note the estimated type, quantity and price of each chemical used, as well as the actual quantity used creates an efficient system that allows for more accurate quoting and gives you room to adjust your pricing as needed. This also allows for reporting systems that mean you can go to your suppliers with your current expenditure and anticipated expenditure and ask for more competitive pricing.

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Customer Tracking

Being able to build up a history with each customer as they move from house to house allows you to develop a stronger loyalty in your customer base. Not only is each spa pool different, but so each customer. From preferences in cleaning schedules and chemical use through to heating temperature preferences or even an unusual pattern of spa pool cover replacement frequency. Once people have enjoyed a quality spa pool you will often find that they will continue to desire a similar experience (click here). So, if a customer moves to a new home that is without a spa pool if they know that you are the company in the know then you will be their first thought of people to call about what they should get. Even if you are not specifically in the business of manufacture or installation of hot tubs, you will undoubtably have preferred contractors that you can recommend (and take over the maintenance and servicing once installed).

Never Miss A Service

Scheduling should be one of the biggest aspects for spa maintenance software. Not only in order to ensure that you have allocated time for staffing appropriately but to also ensure that you have the right chemicals and supplies on hand. If there is a delay from your supplier, you will have time to reschedule or adjust what processes you will use for this instance.

Your software should be able to remind your service technicians that they have a scheduled job coming up, as well as giving them space to make notes and submit a timesheet or invoice so that your accounts person is able to keep on top of all recurring customer monthly accounts. Debt collection of overdue accounts can be one of the most difficult aspects for any business, particularly a small business, and the longer the debt is allowed to be outstanding the more difficult it can be to collect. If a debt is caused by a delay in invoicing, or worse a delay in completion of the job, you can quickly end up with an unhappy customer who feels that they have been poorly treated. Having mobile spa maintenance software helps to prevent these types of accounting delays.

Spas Are Not Pools

You know that a spa pool and a swimming pool are not the same thing – and that they need to be treated differently, with different testing, different schedules and different chemicals. . But does your software allow for more than one pool profile for each client, with different schedules and notes? This is also the advantage of using a specialist spa software over generic accounting software to help you manage your clients and your scheduling needs.

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