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The number of mobile applications has been steadily increasing over the years. In 2021, both Google Play and App Store are expected to comprise more than 5.7 million apps. Therefore, if you want to launch your own application, you should be ready to think out of the box to stand out in the market. But first, learn how you can get yourself involved in the app development process.

In this article, you’ll find essential information about the app development phases and tips on how to create a successful mobile application in a short time. Follow these recommendations to get your own Android and iOS app and even discover how to save on the budget for its promotion.

App Development Process Overview

App development implies creating diverse applications for different devices. Want to know what  the requirements are for developing an app? The app development process is comprised of  the following steps:

  • strategy;
  • analysis and planning;
  • UI/UX design;
  • app development;
  • testing;
  • development and support.

To get the best results, you should use the help of developers who provide the best mobile app development services and follow the tips mentioned in this guide.

10 Tips for the App Development Process

To implement the mobile app development process effectively, you should consider the following tips.

Market Research

Your app development process should start with the market analysis phase. Do detailed research of the market, reveal potential customers’ interests, observe your competitors, etc. Keep in mind that in this phase, developers have to deeply analyze the app users’ goals and objectives.


A successful strategy is the next app development stage. To create an innovative and compelling vision for your application development, you should do the following steps:

  • identify the target audience that will potentially use the app;
  • establish the app’s goals and objectives;
  • choose a mobile platform for your app.

Detailed Project Requirements

The next point of the application development steps is capturing detailed project requirements. Define use cases of your application to figure out an approximate app development cost.

Accurate Estimate

After the project requirements are discussed, you need to make (create?) an app development estimate based on the SRS (Software Requirements Specification) document. Keep in mind your solution architecture, which is necessary to follow, and precisely estimate all features when building an application. This is how you end up with a well-structured application.

Wireframes and Mockups

Wireframing is an app design at a structural level. Mobile app designers often start app design development with digital sketches or wireframes. Using wireframes, you can give visual structure to your app’s functional requirements quickly and cost-effectively.

As for the mockups, they represent the final renderings of your app’s visual design. To create such a layout, most designers use Adobe Photoshop or Figma.

UI/UX Design

This app development process stage implies creating a simple yet interactive design for your application. Why is it important? The more accessible and user-friendly your app is, the more clients you will have. Thus, it is crucial to create an intuitive UI/UX design to keep app users engaged. Tutorials and design courses and on UI and UX are available online.

Sprints for App Development

After finishing the UI/UX design, you can come up with the coding process. Follow agile development rules for efficient application development, and break the whole process down into two-week sprints. Thus, you will be able to make the necessary adjustments to meet the clients’ expectations without any extra spending.

Outsource Your App Development

Looking for professional app developers for your project? Don’t waste your time on hiring local professionals or solo freelancers. Find an existing outsource team with proven experience in your industry and direct all your project requirements to them. Such cooperation will save you much time and money, as they process all the app development phases themselves.

Quality Assurance

After fulfilling all the app development stages, you can proceed with alpha and beta testing. Alpha testing allows you to note all existing bugs, which might not be apparent at first glance. How does it work? A closed group of people takes a stab at your software and tests your app much as an average user would do. Beta testing is a testing phase usually performed by the general public that uses an early version of your application.

Measure Results and Success

At this stage, you need to analyze the users’ feedback for further app improvement. Customers’ demands will become more complex with time, so your app will require new features.


Every step mentioned in this article is crucial for app development. You can’t create a successful digital product without a well-planned strategy, thorough analysis, intuitive UI/UX design, precise testing, etc. Follow the tips described in this guide to make an app that will meet your requirements and meet the users’ needs.


What Are the Requirements for Developing an App?

To successfully develop an app, you should consider the following requirements: deeply research the market, define your target audience, choose between native, hybrid, and web apps, build an app marketing strategy, and ensure security.

What Are the App Development Stages?

There are six main app development stages: strategy, analysis and planning, UI/UX design, app development, testing, and development & support.

How Long Does It Take To Create an App?

The process of app development can take anywhere between three to nine months on average. The final time frame for the application creation depends on the complexity of the app, as well as its structure and functionality.


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