Technology and Its Promising Impact on Healthcare

technology impact in health care
Technology has shown a tremendous impact on the improvement of the quality of the care given to the patient at a hospital. Needless to mention how the quality along with chances of survival is getting improved with new innovations in the field of medicine. Things have improved in almost everything related to medicine like having the best diagnostic methods and tools to diagnose the disease, leading-edge treatments, and a plethora of minimally invasive surgical procedures with less pain and speedy recovery.

There are multiple intuitive applications on mobile which enable remote consultations with doctors reducing the waiting time and also trying to provide a superior and better health care experience. New treatment technologies are leading to improved and better outcomes thereby augmenting the quality of life.

Improvements in medical technology are beginning to give some hope to the patients as every disease today has medicine to cure and a non-invasive procedure to further add a boost to any medicine in case surgery is needed.

Digitalisation – access to records everywhere

All the health records are in the process of digitalisation and they are securely uploaded to the network which is made accessible to both the doctors as well as patients it leaves the patients with less hassle to carry all the prescriptions and reports in every visit. Once a patient visits a hospital he will be given a unique id with which all the data will be stored and can be retrieved with just one click. All this became possible with the advancements in technology. This digitalisation has got enough potential to streamline all the processes and also work effectively by reducing the costs. This process also facilitated the delivery of health care services to even remote areas.

Booking or scheduling appointments become easier

technology made commuication easier in health care
With the advent of smartphones and technology, keeping a track of appointments with the doctors, reminders to get medical tests done and medicine reminders are all available on a smartphone. There are also many health and fitness apps that are even capable of tracking the footsteps making people move more and creating awareness of them. Doctors are also able to communicate with the patients directly and this helps in achieving great procedural efficiency.

Electronic health records or EHRs

Electronic Health Records have digital information about patients’ records which may include lab reports, records from any past urgent care visits, prescriptions, surgical procedures if any, and everything that a patient experienced as part of their treatment. This becomes easy for a doctor to know his new patient and treat him accordingly for any ailment especially when the patient has lost consciousness. These EHRs are readily available to all doctors and they can quickly identify even if there is any danger to the patient because of any medication errors.

Advance tracking systems

RFID is another advanced technology That provides information about the patients’ temperature and other vital signs. This also enables tracking of location and moreover enables communication.

In the Department of dentistry 3D printing is used for prosthetics which is very promising and is customisable to the user.

3d printing in med tech

Safety alert systems

There are also certain medical alert systems that come with an emergency button and pressing the button, alerts the caregiver. These are of great benefit to senior citizens or specially-abled people who always need to be monitored.

Surgery simulators

Robotic Surgery Simulator is an important innovation that is used for training purposes especially to train aspiring surgeons which mimics the surgery but in a virtual world. It practically nullifies the need for any live environment or an operation theatre. This gives those student surgeons a hands-on experience to learn where there are free to commit mistakes as ORR if learning but saves them from risking the lives of patients.

Patient care has also been tremendously improved making it more safer and reliable. Health Informatics is in more demand now and this is kind of an interdisciplinary field with the main aim to collect store and also analyse the presented health data in a digital format. Medical coding and billing is one such example of health informatics.

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Impact of telemedicine

Telemedicine has also come into existence in various fields, namely cardiovascular health care and this can be used to monitor vital signs and other symptoms from a different location. There are also studies on how to identify deficiency of any electrolytes using technology. This has immense benefits which include lesser waiting time, better access to medical facilities in remote locations, and improved efficiency of the treatment. These things are also in a way helpful to patients who are not educated as they don’t have to remember their prescriptions every time.

Technology and medicine have always been going hand in hand and it’s impossible to imagine the medical field without technology. All the aseptic conditions that are maintained in the hospital or operation theatres are possible only with the progressive growth in technology. The minimally invasive surgeries, accurate diagnosis, better treatment, increased research, and creating public awareness of endemically or epidemics such as the recent Covid-19 virus all had been impossible to even think of without the intervention of technology in medical care. There are certain tools that help in predicting sudden outbreaks depending on the queries that people search on the internet from a particular location.

the imapct of telemedicine pandemic
Researchers are also able to sequence the human genome and designer babies are possible today which was not even possible to think of in the absence of technology.

Final note

Until now technology has played a very pivotal role in delivering better medical facilities to the patients and also increasing the quality of their life by providing better care and helping them achieve health equity. It also increased the safety of the patient by a considerable reduction in medical errors which also strengthens the interaction between patients and the health care professionals.

All the big tech leaders today are focusing on healthcare analytics as patient data is readily available from numerous sources these days. Integrating all the data into a common platform is the challenge that companies are working on today and this is going to bring revolutionary changes in the field of medicine. This is further going to simplify all the medical procedures involved and make things accessible to everyone.

The importance of technology in the medicine and healthcare industry has advantages that outweigh the disadvantages and hence is always considered a boon to the current society as nothing is more valuable than healthy and happy living.

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