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Modern technology has clearly advanced bringing with it some positive and negative effects on the society and the most popular users the youth. With the introduction of social media, the youth has made the majority of the users. The youth, especially most teens, have access to smartphones and spend most of their time on social media, though spending their time concentrating on term papers would be more productive. Snapchat and Instagram are the most popular platforms among teens, although Facebook used to dominate.

This shift of the social media platform has been influenced by the fact the owning or accessing a Smartphone is almost a must for most of the teens. The availability of mobile connections has led to an increase in online activities and most teens are online most of the time.

It is hard to clearly quote the effects of social media on teens as positive or negative depending on how you look at it and how social media is used. However, some describe their effects positive and others negative and a large number said it neither positive nor negative. Almost three years ago Facebook was domineering the social media platform. Then the emergence of various social media platforms saw the sizeable majority of people in this age group shift.

However, this influence has been based on households, of which they come from. Low-income households have most of their teens using the Facebook platform while teens in high-income households always opt for the new trending social media platform. A few years ago social media was limited to one social media platform but now there are several platforms available. About 35 % of the teens visit Snapchat, 32% visit YouTube while 15% visit the Instagram. Though, most teens admit that they have used Facebook, but they visit other platforms often.

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Other factors influencing social media platform use include ethnicity and gender. Most teenage girls have been known to use Snapchat while most of the teenage boys prefer using YouTube. White teens are found more on Snapchat while black teens are found more on Facebook.

How teens view the impact of social media

Most of the teens believe that social media has not impacted their life positively or negatively. However, some say their lives have been impacted negatively while others believe their life has been impacted positively.

Positive impacts

  • Well, teens said that social media has helped them in improving their ability to connect with others and they enjoy interacting with many more teens from all over.
  • They said the social media has kept them in touch with friends and family at the same time they have connected with new people within and outside their locality.
  • Some say that social media has helped them cope with their teenage years because they do not feel so alone.
  • Others have access to real life information and news while connecting with people of similar interests.
  • It has been a very helpful platform where teens openly express their emotions and feelings without fear of judgment as they find out whether there are some teens feeling the same way.
  • It is a space for entertainment which allows them to support each other and help with math home work

Negative impacts

  • Some teens feel that this is an uncontrolled avenue used by fellow teens to bully others by belittling them and influence hate towards others.
  • Teens can overreact over the information they have gathered on social media. The fact that one can post negative things in anonymity makes it dangerous for those who would believe and do as they have seen.
  • Social media largely contributes to anti-social behavior among teens causing them to have less meaningful interactions in real life. This is because teens spend most of their time on social media.
  • Social media is responsible for a few psychological issues and dramas because they give in to peer pressure.

teen access to mobile network
Access to social media among teens has also been influenced by access to mobile phones and computers. Though, this is determined by the income and education level among the parents. Most high-income earning parents have a computer at home when compared to low-income earners. Parents with high-level education such as bachelors have access to computers compared to parents with just a high school diploma. Though it has been incorporated into the day to day life to help teenagers put to use their social media platforms to good and meaningful uses such as undertaking their academic papers.

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