Things You Can Do With The iPhone Home Screen

things-to-do-with-iphone-home-screenSo you just bought your first iPhone. Congratulations! You have just acquired a device known for its trail blazing attributes over the years. Even recent devices always use the iPhone as a yardstick so you are definitely in good hands.

Did you buy a network-locked device? The first thing you should do is to head over to and use their iPhone unlocking service to remove the restrictions that come with such devices. Here is a good piece on one of the reasons you should unlock your iPhone. When you have your network ready phone there are lots of hacks and tricks you can enjoy. This piece is focused on the amazing things you can do with your iPhone home screen.

The home button on your iPhone is the guarantee that you won’t get lost in the screens of your iPhone. It doesn’t matter how far you dig into your phone software, it only takes a click of the home button to take you back to the very beginning.

From the 5s on, the home button also doubles as a fingerprint scanner. The scanner is snappy; it was the first fingerprint scanner that wasn’t clunky and did actually work.

Over the years the home button has been saddled with many functions. It is the main shortcut for some very common features. Pressing the home button once, twice or three times initiates different functions. Here is a look at them.

Quick press to wake up

If your phone is in locked mode, pressing the home button once will wake it up. This is easier than using the Sleep switch on the edge of the phone, and, using it, you can quickly glance through your missed calls and texts, or simply check the time.

Finger print unlock

As mentioned above, simply resting your finger on the home button is enough to unlock your iPhone, as long as you have taught the phone to recognize your fingerprint. Unlocking your phone in this manner first of all requires that you press the home button to wake the phone up and then leave your finger on it for half a second to unlock it.

Long press to activate voice control

Holding down the home button for 3 seconds allows you to control your phone with your voice. This enables you to call or control music with your voice. If your phone is a 4s or above, you can use this function to control Siri, the voice-controlled assistant.

Double press to switch tasks

If your phone is in the “awake” mode, you can press the home button twice in quick succession to get to the app switcher screen. This feature is vital to the ability of your iPhone to multitask. While in this window, you will see the open screen of programs you have used recently. The most recently used programs can be found on the right, while the home screen is the last thing on the left. Swipe horizontally to find the program you are looking for.

With these tips, you can navigate around your iPhone better, and enjoy a streamlined experience that is just, well, better!

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