Tips on How to Keep Your Internet Working Quickly

how to keep your internet working quickly

Do you work from home? Are you fed up with your internet slowing down and preventing you from getting access to critical online files?

If you have paid a great deal of money for fiber optic broadband and were promised that it would be ‘extremely fast,’ then you may be puzzled as to what has gone wrong. Indeed, the signal may be high, and you can get quick access at some points during the day, but why does it seem to lag?

There may be several underlying causes, and this article will aim to break down some of the easiest ways that you can keep your internet functioning at top speed.

Move the Router

Look at the position of the router in the room. Is it hidden away?

Granted, few internet routers look particularly stylish. However, hiding the router away behind books or pieces of furniture is not going to do your internet signal any good. If you have moved the router out but still have an issue with your internet being slow, you may need to switch providers. Indeed, many internet providers can promise top-notch speeds, even with a slightly concealed router, such as Wyyerd. So, it may be time to look for another provider.

Turn Off Certain Devices

If you live alone, you may think that the internet will only be accessed by the computer you are using when you are looking online. However, if you have an Xbox or a smartphone, these devices may be connected to the internet, causing it to slow down. Idle devices should be checked before you think about changing internet providers, as you will be surprised at how much bandwidth an Xbox will need.

Can the Router Be Adapted?

Many people are surprised to learn that when it comes to providing internet services for multiple devices, a router will have a system in place to offer set devices the fastest access first.

So, if your computer is slow and jolty, but your smartphone is working perfectly, this may be the underlying cause. You may simply need to prioritize the traffic order on the router, which, as mentioned before, can simply be done by turning off idle devices. If this is not possible, a reshuffling may be in order.

Updates Are for Evenings

Okay, so you have a new computer or smartphone, and it needs to make an update or an upgrade. Is it worth doing it in the middle of the day? No.

Upgrades and updates take a lot of bandwidth to complete, hence why a lot of smartphones schedule them for evenings or night-time when there is less pressure on the signal from the router. If you need to, you should set all updates and upgrades for late at night and ensure the device remains on to help your internet run smoothly during the day.

Check the Router

If you have ticked every box in this article, and your internet is still slow, the router itself may be damaged. It may not be discernible from the outside, so aim to call your internet provider to check for any underlying issues.

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