tips to create app from scratch
Suppose your business is growing, and you have decided that it is high time to build a mobile app from scratch. In this case, the article will help you avoid possible challenges and unnecessary expenses; you’ll find out how to draw up the budget correctly, how to interact with developers, and what to do after the app launch.

If it is your first mobile app, there are some things you need to clear up.

How to define whether the business is ready to develop of its own mobile application:

  • Your products or services are often used;
  • Most of your customers are active users of mobile platforms and would be happy to download a new application;
  • Your application can make your customers’ lives easier;
  • Your budget includes the expenses for the building an app from scratch;
  • You are ready to invest in the app promotion, analytics, and future modifications.

A mobile application can solve a number of business tasks. The most important among them are:

  1. To create a competitive advantage;
  2. To remind and inform customers about promotions;
  3. To increase profit and attract new customers.

What to choose – Android or iOS?

  • If you want to reach out to a broad audience or have plans to create the service application, choose Android.
  • If you want to earn money and bet on the wealthiest quintile of the population, choose iOS.

There are several reasons to start by creating an app from scratch for iPhone owners:

  1. the iOS app is monetized easier;
  2. fewer device types need to be supported;
  3. it is harder for hackers to steal users’ personal data;
  4. applications have higher quality due to strict requirements.

What are the main steps to develop an app? And what do you need to develop an app?

  • Firstly, think about the problems that your customers will be able to solve using your application. To do this, conduct a survey, thoroughly study all complaints and suggestions. You can ask our clients and customers directly, “We are going to create a mobile application, what functions would you be interested in?”
  • Check the most successful analog applications. You should not copy them blindly. It is better to borrow a successful idea and improve it with more effective functionality.
  • Apply to professionals. There are enough developers of mobile applications on the market that can help you develop an excellent app. Hire the best of them.


  • Create an in-house development team if you want to hold total control over your app development. But be sure, it is not that easy way to make an app.

app testing before launch

Is there any way to test the application before its delivery to the end-users?

The “raw” application will ruin even the best idea. Do not spare time and effort to test the application. Excellent quality is a ticket to your app’s success. Your success is based on a strong team of real professionals and like-minded team members – to achieve that, hire one of the best software testing companies.

Is it better to launch an app for the whole world at once or only for one country?

Of course, to launch an application for the whole world at once is much harder, more expensive, and longer. If the application is designed for several regions, you should pay particular attention to localization testing, as correctness of translation, data and time format, currency exchange, and many other aspects must be thoroughly checked.

How to attract users’ attention to your application if the budget is limited?

There are many ways to promote mobile applications. It is possible to learn what is more effective only by trial and error. The main advice for developers and marketers is to approach mobile applications in a comprehensive and step-by-step way, analyze each step, and be aware of the most effective modern marketing strategies:

  • Offline advertising;
  • Email, SMS;
  • promotions and lotteries;
  • social networks;
  • top of the line;
  • AOS (app store optimization);
  • contextual advertising.


The project launch is just the beginning. After that, you should continuously work on its improvement. It is important to analyze users’ behavior, optimize UI and UX, regularly implement new functions, provide better performance, and fix all detected defects.

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