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3 Important Elements in Creating an Awesome Infographic


Infographics have becoming a popular marketing tool over the past few years. It is now one of the quickest way of online promotion virally. Most people can learn faster and remember better visually. So when we put the information in a graphic or images, it is easier to capture their attention and in the same time provide them with some relevant facts. A well designed infographic and relevant links within it can be an effective marketing strategy especially when people love the graphic and share it on their social network.

How To Create An Awesome Infographic three people are needed to create an awesome infographic :D. They are web designer, copywriter and researcher, if you can do all that yourself, then you are the ONE :P. The infographic you are creating must make sure the audiences can read it easily and understand it perfectly! And the most important of all, they can share and spread it virally!

1. The Past, Present and Future – It’s all about making the statistics talk for you!

You should have at least one statistic on your infographic. People love result oriented information. Show them what you’ve done in the past and what you’re doing in the present and what you’ll do in the future. Make your infographic information wise and them interested in your future prospects.

2. A Mind Blowing Headline

A catchy headline to capture people attention is one the element must have on a great infographic. The keywords you use for the headline must be relevant and match the theme you’re presenting on your infographic.

3. An Eye Catching Designs

The design structure or layout of your infographic must be well organized and appealing. The colors and fonts also play an important part on the design. Too flashy or graphic cluttered infographic might put people interest off.

In conclusion

An awesome infographic should have a clear view of the information and image that you’re trying to teach your audience. Put yourself inside an audience’s perspective while reviewing your infographic. Can I see the clear picture of this information? What is the graphic or image trying to tell me? Do I understand the words coming out from this infographic? I love it! How can I share it? These are some of the questions you may ask yourself as an audience of this infographic.

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