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If you’re trying to get more views for your video on YouTube, listen up. It’s not as easy as it was as recently as two years ago. Back in the day, if you just target the right long-tail or obscure keyword, your video will rank number one on Google Search.

Now, the game has changed. As you probably already know, Google uses all sorts of artificial intelligence to come up with cleaner results for their main search engine as well as for their other properties. YouTube is included in this network of properties.

So, you really have to step up your game and here are seven of the best ways to get more views for your YouTube content.

Mention Long-Tail Keywords in Your Title

This is old but gold. When you come up with a video, don’t expect that just because the video is great or it’s well produced that the value of the video itself would be enough to draw viewership. If only things were that simple. Back in the day, that worked well enough. Not anymore.

So, you have to help yourself by mentioning a long-tail keyword target in your title. This is an obscure keyword that does get searched but isn’t so popular that the competition is also gunning for it.

Color-Contrast Your Thumbnail

If you have ever searched for anything on Google, you would realize that a lot of the thumbnails show people or show really shocking images. The colors are also kind of jarring. They kind of jump out at you. This is not an accident. There’s a reason why these thumbnails have certain designs.

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The strong color contrast is intended to make the thumbnail stand out so it has a higher chance of being clicked when Google either shows it in search results or suggests it to its viewership. Whatever the case may be, the thumbnail of your video must draw eyeballs.

Use an Open Mouth in Your Thumbnail

I know this is a weird piece of advice but, believe me, it works. If you’ve already looked at a lot of news-related videos on YouTube, you would notice that a lot of the opinion bloggers and famous, big-brand YouTubers have thumbnails of them with their mouths open. It’s as if they’re shocked or outraged or triggered.

Again, this is not an accident. The reason why people have been using this type of thumbnail is that it works. It draws a lot of clicks. People are expecting some sort of drama or some sort of excitement.

The key here is, of course, not to overplay your hand. If you have a picture of you looking shocked with an open mouth because your jaw dropped, you better deliver in your video.

Order Comments as Social Proof

One of the most popular ways to promote YouTube videos is to, of course, buy views. The more views your YouTube video gets, the higher the chance that it will rise up in the rankings. So far, so good, right?

As I mentioned above, Google has gotten quite smart when it comes to artificial intelligence, and now, it’s just not using views as a stand-alone ranking element. It’s starting to look at the holistic nature of your videos and social signals, and that’s why comments are a great compliment to whatever social proof you’re already doing.

Order Likes as Social Proof

When you order video likes, these go hand in hand with YouTube video views to boost the overall social appeal of your video. In of itself, video likes is not going to cut it, but when it’s part of a holistic or larger picture, then it would have a positive impact.

order like comment for social proof
Buy Youtube Views as Social Proof

Have you ever gone to a city where there is an empty restaurant? Chances are you probably wouldn’t want to eat there. Since you’re not from around there, you don’t know if that restaurant is any good or not.

The same applies to your video. People have lives. People are busy. So, even if it seems like you have the right thumbnail or the right title, they might not want to blow five minutes of their time checking out your video unless there is some sort of initial indicator that your video is worth their attention.

This is where social proof comes in. When somebody looks at your video, and it already has 10,000 views, the viewer would think subconsciously, “Well, this video might not be a complete and total waste of time because 10,000 people have already viewed it so it may not be all that bad, then I’m going to check it out.” Do you see how this works?

Mention Your Keywords in the Body of Your Video

Back in the day, mentioning your target keywords in the title of the video is all you needed to draw Google’s attention. However, the game has changed thanks to artificial intelligence. Now, Google is actually looking at the complete video along with its social signals to determine how aggressively it’s going to promote it to its viewer base.

You need to keep up with this changing technology. You need to mention your keywords in the actual body of your video. You have to understand that when you put up your video on YouTube, YouTube automatically transcribes your video so the content inside your video is actually searchable to Google’s main software. Use this to your advantage by mentioning your keywords in a very natural way in the body of your video.

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