How to buy a money worthy Web Hosting Plan

buying web hosting plan

Advertisements on cheap web hosting services can be found all over the web. Cheap web hosting services do not necessarily mean they are reliable. Cheap web hosting is bestowed to customers who pay for the hosting plans a few years in advanced. Discounts are usually offered when you pay the entire cost of the hosting for at least 2 years in advanced. However, there is no web hosting company that allows you to make payment for a web hosting plan for more than 3 years in advanced. If you couldn’t afford to pay the hosting fee all at once, you can subscribe to the monthly hosting plan. With the monthly hosting plan, you can unsubscribe at any time.

If you need help in moving the site, you should ask the customer representative for information on the installation price. Some web hosting companies will perform tasks of moving your website such as uploading database, files and etc for free of charge. The hosting plan must be backed by a money back guarantee. The money back guarantee should last for at least 1 – 3 months. It should give you a full refund without any question asks if you are not satisfied with their hosting services. Before buying, it is important to find out about the various aspects of the web hosting services such as how the traffic to your website is handled, server up-time, amount of time the server will be down for maintenance, and etc.

Many web hosting companies offer bonuses to attract customers to sign up for their web hosting plans. Examples of bonuses are advertisement coupons or coupons which you can use to receive discounts for the hosting plans. Coupons for web hosting services can be found on coupon sites, web hosting forums, and web hosting blogs. You can easily find coupon by doing a search on the major search engines.

Besides, you must take into consideration the additional fees you may have to pay when your website exceed the resource usage limit. If your website uses more server resources, the customer support will email or call you to discuss about the issue. After that, you will have the choice to reduce the resource usage on the server or upgrade to a better hosting plan.

The web hosting company should be available 24/7/365 to handle all kinds of technical problems that may occur on the server. They should be reachable through online chat, telephone call or email. The customer service representatives must be responsive, polite and be quick to fix the web hosting problems.

In conclusion, those are some factors you need to be aware of before paying for a web hosting plan. You may also consider using a free site hosting first to start up your website or blog before pursuing a paid hosting.

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