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One of the most pivotal releases that Apple Inc. has ever made is the macOS Big Sur 11, an exemplary operating system for Macintosh computers. This operating system is the successor to macOS Catalina 10.15. Apple took the privilege of announcing this excellent software on June 22, 2020, in its Worldwide Developer Conference. Big Sur’s name comes from the coastal region of California’s Central Coast.

Apple worked well in redirecting the version to Big Sur 11 after the development of macOS Big Sur 10.15 for meeting developer and user expectations. MacBook Air, iMac, MacBook Pro, Mac Pro, and Mac Pro Tower are some devices that are compatible with the final version of macOS Big Sur 11.. People have been excited about macOS Big Sur because they can run installations and software updates with a faster background pace. Quicker Safari applications, customizable notification centers, and other beautiful designs are some of the features that have captured user attention. Yet, troubleshooting problems have been taking a toll on Mac users, thereby one must always consider following these steps. Can’t wait to perform a clean installation of macOS Big Sur on your Mac? Well, read on and take benefit of the most software Apple has sought to provide:

Step #1: Backup your Mac with Time Machine:

You’re thinking of installing macOS Big Sur 11 on your device, the very first thing that you can do is backing up your data with Time Machine. Doing this is important because a clean installation will erase all your data. Backing up becomes even more vital because the Big Sur’s public beta version is known to be buggy. macOS Catalina is here to save you from troubleshooting problems, and you can always reinstall it if these bugs take a toll on you. If you’re looking to backup your data through Time Machine, all you’ve to do is open Spotlight on Mac, and begin searching for Time Machine. Select your external drive, once it’s opened, and then select Backup to back up your data.

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Step#2: Download macOS 11.0 Big Sur:

Downloading macOS 11.0 Big Sur is an easy process, and you can do the same by following some steps:

  1. Visit Safari’s Go to Public beta program.
  2. Select Download the macOS Public Beta Access Utility by clicking on Enroll your Devices once you’re signed in.
  3. Open the .pkg file that appears and you’ll see that the file begins to download automatically.

Step #3: Create Bootable USB Installer along with Terminal:

For doing so, follow:

  1. Open the Applications folder on the Mac and then select Utilities and choose Disk Utility.
  2. From the drivers on your Mac, select USB Drive and format the selected file as Mac OS Extended from the Disk Utility.
  3. Open Terminal from the Application folder, and then turn the USB Drive in Terminal’s bootable device.
  4. A command box may appear and replace Untitled with the name of the desired USB Drive.

Step #4: Install macOS Big Sur:

After inserting the USB drive into your Mac, all you’ve to do is restart your Mac by holding down the option on the keyboard. Choose the USB installer drive when a boot option will pop out. After this, select Disk Utility from the macOS Utilities. Click on Disk Utility by selecting the Erase tab, and then select startup volume. From the Utility page, click on Install macOS, and then select Continue. After this step, choose your disk destination, and then you’ll see your macOS installing.

The new and prominent features of macOS are sure to aid your Mac experience to unexceptional levels. I’m sure following these steps, you’ll be able to clean install macOS Big Sur 11.0. Embark upon this latest installation journey, and thank me later!

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