Practical Advice for a Home Based Computer Repair Service

homebasedcomputerrepairStarting a home based computer repair service can be a challenging endeavor, even for a technically inclined individual with a background in business. While advertising and soliciting clients will certainly play a huge role in how much revenue you’ll be able to generate through your computer repair service, first and foremost, you’ll need to develop the appropriate skillsets and acquire the tools and knowledge necessary to perform a broad range of jobs with very little advanced notice or time for preparation.

Computer repairman encounter a myriad of technological problems on a daily basis, but that doesn’t mean they’re constantly stumped by difficult obstacles, as most common repairs only require expertise and equipment in a few key areas, some of which we’ll discuss in the following list of practical tips for the home based computer repair service:

Become a Master at Soldering

First, you might want to start with an online course in soldering and/or practice on some old used computer components. In many cases, a device can be quickly fixed by re-soldering, or by replacing or repairing certain components through the use of soldering. Replacing faulty power jacks, USB ports, and parts of the motherboard may require soldering. Soldering is considered by many to be an art form. A skilled solderer can save themselves and their clients a lot of time and money on unnecessary replacements or additional repairs.

Learn How to Use an Oscilloscope

Oscilloscopes let you create and analyze 2D graphs that depict measurements in signal voltages over specified time periods. These tools are useful for diagnosing blown capacitors and/or a faulty power supply unit (PSU). As an extra word of advice, if a desktop computer has a bad PSU, it probably has a bad hard drive as well.

Although buying an oscilloscope for sale can be expensive, you can save money and use these tools as needed with an oscilloscope rental service. If you do choose to rent an oscilloscope, you’ll also have the option of making the rental even cheaper by opting for a used oscilloscope instead of purchasing a new model. Many novice computer repairmen even find that older oscilloscopes can be easier to use than newer models.

Keep Data Recovery Tools and Other Software on Standby

Whilst operating a home based computer repair service, you’ll probably encounter a lot of clients that will ask you to help them recover crucial data like documents or pictures after a malware attack or hardware failure. Thus, any self-professed home based computer repairmen should have a suite of software utilities that can run from a CD or USB flash drive in the event a computer cannot be booted into the native operating system.

There are a number of bootable programs that can be used to access the drive partition and transfer data onto external media for retrieval of lost, damaged, or deleted files from an unbootable or otherwise compromised operating system. Some popular tools that could be included in a well-rounded data recovery arsenal include UBCD4WIN, Recuva, Ubuntu Live, and a few more of the top data recovery software.

Practice Routinely With Old Computers

In closing, this tip isn’t pertaining to a particular problem or skillset, but it is a good rule of thumb to follow for any aspiring computer technician or repairman:

Used and broken desktops and laptops are very cheap to come by and can be used for low-cost, low-risk training materials on an ongoing basis. Find out where to buy broken computers for cheap and you’ll have an abundant source of training materials.

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