Tips to Use the Twitter “Buy Now” Button

twitter-ecommerce-shopping-buynowTwitter has released an exciting new feature that some businesses are testing out now. The “buy now” button effectively turns Twitter into a digital mall of sorts. This button can be embedded in Twitter posts. Although the percentage of businesses that can test out this new feature is currently small, the percentage will grow, allowing other businesses and ecommerce sites to sell directly via their Twitter accounts.

Reasons for the “Buy Now” Feature

According to Twitter, it is hoping that its new “buy now” feature will draw more outside businesses to the site. The social network has stated that it has had this capability for some time, but this is the first time it has put it into play. It’s also “the first time the company has publicly acknowledged efforts to transform its social networking service into a kind of e-commerce engine.” A few companies in the United States are testing out the feature. Twitter states that it’s very excited to offer this new functionality to businesses.

How Can My Business Use This Feature?

Once other businesses can begin to use the “buy now” button, they can embed this feature in their Twitter posts. For instance, a luggage company might post, “we have a limited supply of new Italian leather satchels for sale” and include the “buy now” button in the post. In the past, the company might have simply included the link to their product on their website. This makes the purchase process a bit more direct. On the other hand, it may not get those clients to your website unless, of course, you vary your posts to strategically entice customers to peruse your storefront.

The Benefits of the Button

Twitter’s new button will benefit the social network itself, of course, due to increased advertising revenue. The button will also benefit businesses that choose to use it; yet how much is still a matter for conjecture. Many customers who are also Twitter users will enjoy the convenience of this feature. Customers that like the immediate gratification of a quick transaction will also find the button to be a positive new feature. Businesses, however, that invest time to sell the right products for the Twitter platform should see an improvement in their sales numbers.

Pitfalls of the Twitter Button

Some Twitter users are nervous that the button will make businesses too pushy. Many people on social media do not want to be bombarded by advertisements. Consequently, businesses still need to be smart about how they employ the button and how often they directly market their merchandise. After all, businesses that are too pushy can quickly be “unfollowed” by Twitter users.

If you have an online business and sell merchandise, you should certainly take time to further investigate Twitter’s new “buy now” button. Make sure you track news about the button and its success among the companies testing it out now. The more you learn now, the better you can use this feature once Twitter releases it to other businesses.


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