When people talk about education website design site, they would simply think it must be boring and out dated web design styles. However that’s not entirely true, with the growth in web technology and website design evolution from Web 2.0 era, the education website design style also evolve with more colourful and more user interface or UI wise layout.

No more form filling boxy web layout, no more boring corporate two colour combo which i’ve seen in many website design for education in early 2000. When web designer thought about education website design, they would presume these type of site must have serious and corporate colours because the audience are mostly mature and well educated. Actually nowadays people tend to love a bright and lively website design, colours revolution had been influence all level of ages. Strong and passionate colour that would sent the message that the site is alive and active.

One of most important element in education website design is the ‘hero’ or ‘representative’ imagery, it can be either a person or a scenery landscape of the university or a symbolic presentation of the university. Here are 35 Example of Website Design for Education and Learning that really fascinate me. Make me wanna enlist in college again 🙂

1. University of Washington

website design 01

2. Biola Undergraduation

website design 02

3. Johns Hopkins University

website design 03

4. Northwestern University

website design 04

5. Bea Long Horn

website design 05

6. Lovely Professional University

website design 06

7. Liu Global

website design 07

8. Indiana University

website design 08

9. Loyola Marymount University

website design 09

10. The University of Texas

website design 10

11. University of Notre Dame

website design 11

12. UT Health

website design 12

13. Virginia Common Wealth University

website design 13

14. University of Delaware

website design 14

15. The University of Nottingham

website design 15

16. The University of Chicago

website design 16

17. Seoul National University

website design 17

18. Washtenaw Community College

website design 18

19. The University of Melbourne

website design 19

20. Virginia Tech

website design 20

21. Denver Seminary

website design 21

22. Champlain College

website design 22

23. Boston University Alumni

website design 23

24. American University

website design 24

25. Asheville School

website design 25

26. Penn University of Pennsylvania

website design 26

27. Oregon State University

website design 27

28. Showcase of Undergraduate Research Excellence

website design 28

29. Mississippi State

website design 29

30. Rutgers The State University of New Jersey

website design 30

31. Tennessee

website design 31

32. Maryland Institute College Of Art

website design 32

33. Oklahoma Wesleyan University

website design 33

34. Stone Laboratory

website design 34

35. William & Mary

website design 35

36. Edublogs


Hope you enjoy this list of education website design and maybe change your thought on how web design in educational and learning site would be in future.

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