7 tips to make your website look more professional

If you have an ongoing business, your website is the first thing that is going to catch your potential client’s attention. It is essential and non-negotiable to make your website look appealing and catchy to attract more clients for your business. And it will be a great idea if you design your website with WordPress.

Having a professional-looking website is of utmost importance. It plays a massive role in upholding the company’s reputation in the market. When someone pops open your website, what is the reaction you want from them? That is exactly how you need to imagine your website to be.

Businesses cannot survive offline alone. Owning a website has become mandatory in today’s time and age, where everyone has become incredibly tech-savvy. So here are some ways to make your website look more professional for your clients and readers.

1.   Fine Typography

The first thing to be noticed on the website is the font size and style. Make sure that content is posted in the right size and style to make your page look presentable and readable.

It is always best for you to use a bigger font for your headings and a smaller one for your subtext. Luckily, Google Fonts can provide you with a variety of fonts for all your content on your website.

2.   Use Images

Another component that holds great importance on a website is the images present on it. Incorporating images between content on your website can make any post look extraordinary, creative, and attractive.

Good pictures make a good first impression. Make sure you hire a professional photographer to click those pictures and a graphic designer to edit and upload them.

However, if you have just started your business and cannot afford to hire them, there are plenty of free alternatives online. You can use iStock photos, pixabay, pexel, unsplash, etc.

3.   Include Chatbots

One of the best tips a budding business can get for their website is incorporating an automated chatbot on their website. These bots are messaging tools based on artificial intelligence. It helps to engage the website visitor with a conversation or any queries that they may have.

These bots are known to give an excellent customer service experience. It makes your website look incredibly professional and competent. You can also customize the bots for your website as per your and your client’s needs.

4.   Reduce Loading Time

Irrespective of how professional you make your website, if it has a longer loading time then the visitor will lose his interest instantly. It takes only 10 seconds of waiting time for a person to abandon your website. So ensure to avoid making this mistake.

Another negative aspect of a slow-loading website is that it will generally appear in the lower sections of the Google search ranking. So if you wish to avoid all this, there are ways to reduce the loading time, such as optimizing the code, optimizing the images, reducing the number of redirects, etc.

5.   Use SEO Strategy

To give your customers a good website experience and help them find your website easily on the search engines, it is necessary for you to use the SEO strategy for your website. It is simple, what is the point of having a top-class website if no one can find it online?

Strong titles and meta descriptions will affect your SEO, so make sure you focus on those before you come to the font and images of the content. SEO strategies are totally worth the time you will invest in them, so think smartly.

6.   Careful Color scheme

Apart from the fonts, images, and background, another thing that substantially affects your website and its content is the color scheme you choose for it. Color schemes can have a considerable impact on your brand’s image, and therefore, you need to choose them wisely.

High contrasting and vibrant colors are a big no-no for websites. They make the page look too flashy, gaudy, and undignified. On the contrary, subtle shades make your website look more tasteful, professional, and impressive.

7.   Make it Mobile Friendly

Finally, you need to keep in mind that mobile phones are the new mode of access to websites nowadays since they are quicker and more convenient. And therefore, it is essential for you to make your website mobile-friendly.

You must make sure that the layout and the design of your website are suitable for smaller screens, and your customers will easily be able to navigate the UX on their smartphones. Mobile responsive designs are vital in today’s time for better reach and connection.


Here we conclude our guide on how you can make your website look more professional. Make sure to use these tips and stay updated for more such posts.

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