Hire an Agency or a Freelancer for Web Design and Development?

The need for business enterprises to have an attractive and user-friendly website is inevitable. However, for many entrepreneurs facing this need, it can be challenging to decide between hiring in-house experts versus choosing an agency or external freelancers. In this article, we are trying to evaluate which would be an ideal decision for your company’s web development needs.

While planning for an enterprise web development, design, or redesign project, the primary and most important decision to make is working with an agency or freelancer. This is crucial because web development is not a one-time project, but it needs continuous follow-up and support to have your web services stay on top of the competition.

Web agency or freelancer?

As it is a challenging road to become an expert web designer or developer, there is a tight competition industry. The choices for service takers are overwhelming. For many organizations, a website can be their biggest asset, especially in this internet era. This poses the need for a considerable investment of time and money to accomplish it well. Even though there are significant advantages in choosing freelancers both in terms of money and availability, you need to consider both the pros and cons. Let us explore.

Benefits of hiring a freelancer

There are many notable advantages of hiring a freelancer for your web design/development project.

Highly reduced cost

There is no doubt that cost is one of the single-most reason why many people decide to go for a freelancer instead of an agency for their website building. An individual freelancer can you a customized rate based on your requirements and may not have to bear any additional costs like agencies to execute the projects they are undertaking.

So, the overall cost of development projects may be much cheaper on choosing freelancers over web agencies. Especially if you are a fresh entrepreneur aiming to start with a humble web presence with limited requirements, hiring a freelancer is the ideal choice.

As of late, you can reduce the development and design cost even more with a freelancer who may use WordPress readymade themes and templates to build your website rather than custom designing one from scratch. To design from scratch, the designer needs to have the latest version of software like Photoshop and Illustrator, which may further increase the project’s expense.

Better involvement

Alongside the reduced rate, another major advantage of hiring freelancers is better personalization. Freelancers set their schedules, and this approach can have a positive impact on the project timeline. Compared to the agencies that may handle different projects at a time, freelancers tend to focus on one project at hand at a time.

Freelancers may devote their whole time to your project and personally communicate with you to know your needs better. This will help to complete your work much faster as you desire. Based on whether you choose an agency like Flosum or a freelancer, you may get a more hands-on and engaging experience with a freelancer. As a freelancer acts as your sole contact for the project, the working relationship can also be more personal and engaging.

Some disadvantages of freelancers

Even though there are many benefits as discussed on hiring a freelancer, this article’s objective may not be complete if we leave out some disadvantages too of freelancing. However, the possibility and intensity of these disadvantages may vary based on the type of project you accomplish and the professionalism of the freelancer you deal with. In some cases, these may not be affecting you at all, and in some cases, these may trouble you a log.


In many cases of hiring a freelancer for web development and design, accountability seems to be a challenge. It is best to have freelancers highly recommended to you as it may be difficult to assess their quality based on the reviews and years of experience compared to that of an agency.

Dealing with an individual

In the case of freelancing, you are fully relying on an individual for your project through its completion. If any problems arise between and the freelancer loses accountability, you hit a brick wall with no options left. So, to reduce the dependency on a single person, you may consider building your website on any leading content management system like WordPress so it can be taken further from where it had been left.

Limited skillset

Another disadvantage of getting a freelancer is that they may have limited resources and skills compared to agencies with experts of different profiles to put on a project. For example, you may be able to rely on an agency’s service to do both the front-end design and back-end development by the same team, whereas, with freelancing, you have to deal with multiple experts to accomplish the same.

On the other hand, while working with an agency, you get a team to work with for your website project, and each member of the team may be a specialist in handling different aspects of the project. Dealing with an agency also may give you a more secure feeling by completing the project due to high accountability. However, the challenge you may be facing while dealing with an agency is that you may have to communicate with different parties, which may be confusing if you are running a small business.


To conclude, we have seen both benefits and drawbacks of hiring a freelancer or an agency for your web development and design projects. Suppose you have to give you a critical conclusion on this. In that case, it may be beneficial for start-up entrepreneurs and small businesses to always hire a freelancer for their projects with limited requirements. This approach will help them reduce the cost and project completion time to a great extent. On the other hand, if you have a considerable set of advanced requirements for your web development and design project, it is advisable to go for an established professional web development consulting agency, which will accomplish all the requirements with a wider set of in-house expertise and tools.


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