website design inspirationJust like writers get writer’s block, it’s completely normal for designers to get designer’s block. This can be all the more frustrating if you’re a beginner or a novice designer. If you’ve fired up your WordPress hosting but can’t figure out where to start, here are some blogs you should check out for inspiration.

1. High On Design

While this blog is officially owned by Wix, it’s not as biased as you’d expect. The blog features designs ideas that span photography, digital art, websites, typography, and more. There are also some helpful tutorials on topics like grid design, parallax and animations. A lot of the advice isn’t specific to the Wix platform but it’s even more helpful if you’re already on Wix.

2. Ad Week

At a certain point, you’re going to be creating designs to monetize your blog. That’s why Ad Week is a great source for finding designs on advertising creatives. The content and campaign examples cover print, the web as well as traditional media channels like TV and billboards. So whether you’re looking to create a promotional online video, ad creative for Google Adwords, or a simple banner ad, you’ll find something to inspire you.

3. Creative Bloq

Creative Bloq is a blog that covers many different categories of digital design from iconography, graphic design, illustration, 3D designs, to typography. It feels like a collaborative effort featuring the best writers in each category, giving you a well-rounded view into the world of digital design. There are also a lot of freelancing and business tips which will serve you well if you’re trying to build a career in the design world.

4. The Design Blog

The Design Blog is dedicated to featuring only the most amazing graphic designs that they can possibly find. You’ll find a collection of stunning designs (posters, packaging, logos, UI/UX, and more) to inspire you to new heights with your design projects. The idea behind the blog is to help readers become great designers rather than the average run of the designer.

5. Trend List

A good way to make sure that your design is modern is to observe the running trends. Trend List is a graphic design blog that features various trends all categorized by the type of design. One of the most helpful features of the blog is the ability to look through designs by the country of origin. This will help you identify trends before they become popular and become a trendsetter in your country.

6. BP&O

If you’re working the advertising and marketing side of things, then BP&O is the blog for you. The blog features the best in packaging, logos, typography and branding initiatives. The small details really matter when it comes to things like branding. If you want to make sure you make a big impact with your client’s marketing project, you should make sure that BP&O becomes a regular blog destination.

7. Digital Arts Online

Sometimes the key to a great design lies in all the little techniques that are used to create it. If that’s the case, then you owe it to yourself to learn these techniques and apply it to your designs. Digital Arts Online features helpful tips and techniques for designing whether you’re doing illustrations, working with Photoshop, or simply designing a website. One of the best aspects of the blog is the fact that they interview successful designers and get their perspective on how to approach design.

8. Design Made in Japan

One thing that you probably don’t recognize is that most design blogs are based on Western aesthetics. Design Made in Japan explores the designs from the other side of the world. You’ll be explore to a whole new world of design as you’re presented with innovative approaches to commercial products, cafes, paintings, digital art, fashion, packaging, and more. This is one of the most exciting blogs that you’ll come across as it feeds you inspiration from a place that’s totally unknown to Westerners.

9. SitePoint

SitePoint is a web design resource and site that’s been around for a very long time. Over the past few years, they’ve diversified their focus to coding (Javascript, Ruby on Rails, HTML, MySQL, etc.). So if you’re looking for advanced web development information like customizing your WordPress hosting platform or learning PHP, SitePoint is the all in one resource for you.

10. Illustration Age

Illustrations have become more popular with many websites now using them as part of their presentation. They add a lively, authentic and realistic touch to an otherwise two dimensional approach to design. Illustration Age features some of the most amazing illustrations while also providing tips for illustrators. They even offer advice for illustrators that are looking to find work and expand on their skills.

So if you’re stuck on your design project, don’t hesitate to look for inspiration from outside sources. These blogs should not only inspire new ideas, they should also expand your field of knowledge and help you hone your skills.

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