10 new open source plugins for well designed websitesPlugins can add new features and improve existing functionality on any website. They are usually simple to install, and they save web developers the time and effort of writing new code. The most widely known content management system (CMS) to incorporate the use of plugins is by far WordPress. Competitor-CMS Joomla also uses plugins, though in the Joomla world they are called Extensions. Whether you’re installing a plugin on your WordPress, Joomla, or even HTML and CSS website, the best route is to use an open source plugin. That’s because with open source plugins, the code is available for inspection, and free to use. Add these 10 new open source plugins to your website or blog to improve your visitor’s browsing experience.

1. Pinterest Pin-It Button

Integrating easy to use social sharing on your website will help your content be seen by exponentially more people. Pinterest is the perfect place to spread niche content, and garner a reputation in your field. The Pinterest Pin-It Button is a free, open source plugin for WordPress that allows you to let users Pin your media with ease. You can even use this plugin to display the Pin Count on your site and show off your site’s newly found popularity.

2. Chart.js

This open source plugin uses JavaScript and HTML5 to display charts and graphs on your website. It isn’t CMS-specific, and therefore can be installed on any java-friendly site or blog. Chart.js can display 8 types of charts in nice animated and colorful formatting. The plugin works great on any well designed website, as it has a responsive design, adjusting to the variety of screen sizes your visitors may use.

3. WP Query Search Filter

To add functionality to your website design and allow users to search your content more effectively, you will want to install the WP Query Search Filter. This plugin indexes the often-overlooked content on your site and gives users advanced options when searching your sites content. This open source plugin works on any WordPress installation from 3.5 or newer. Use WP Query Search Filter to narrow searches of your content to specific sub-pages or categories. Users can also search by post type or tag using the front-end of this plugin.

4. DJ-ImageSlider

This Joomla extension plugin is great for anyone who wants to quickly add a rotation selection of images to a website’s homepage. It allows you to choose whether or not the image descriptions, captions and other information appears, the time each image appears for and the dimensions the slider uses on your site. This plugin also contains a variety of effects to choose from between images.

5. Tag Meta

Anyone who wants to start a blog using Joomla should look at the Tag Meta plugin, which is great for SEO and content indexing. Get your blog posts the attention they require from crawling search engines by adding the often-unseen meta data such as relevant keywords, author, and copyright information. Meta data such as this helps Google differentiate your content from the hundreds of possibly similar content on the web. Use it to describe photos, enhance search rankings, and even to accommodate users with visual aid software.

6. Delete All Comments

Sometimes spammers can get the best of your site, leaving useless links or comments that may even hurt your search engine ratings. These comments also leave a bad impression on visitors, making your page look unkempt. The new Delete All Comments plugin can take care of this with a few short clicks. Use this on your WordPress site to clear all comments on an article, saving yourself the time of deleting each comment individually. This new plugin can clean up comments left by malicious WordPress or Disqus users.

7. Google XML Sitemaps

Get your website indexed by Google more easily and effectively with this great new plugin. The plugin has over two million installations worldwide, and thousands of 5 star reviews. The Google XML Sitemaps plugin works for WordPress sites and blogs running WordPress 3.3 or higher. This new plugin creates a sitemap using XML on any new or existing website, allowing Google and other search engines to easily index your content.

8. Microblog Poster

If you’re going to start a blog, the first new plugin on your installation list should be the Microblog Poster WordPress plugin. This open source plugin allows you to create an RSS feed from the content of your site, and post it automatically to your Twitter or other social networking profile. Unlike plugins with similar functionality The Microblog Poster doesn’t inject self-promotional taglines in your posts. Your content is shared just the way you want it.

9. Featured YouTube/Image Slider

This open source plugin will let you embed YouTube videos and images directly to a slider on your website. Keep your visitors on your site while saving bandwidth by embedding content with this highly customizable plugin. The Featured YouTube/Image Slider has a vertical side menu to display related content.

10. Video.js

This plugin is open source and will work on any java-capable site using HTML5. It’s used by large corporations such as Microsoft and Instagram. Video.js is a video framework plugin that allows you to host and display video content on your blog or site, without the hassle or water markings often associated with proprietary video frameworks. This HTML video player is easy to customize, and its open source license allows users to re-brand it with simple skin changes.

Use these exciting new open source plugins to add features to your well designed website and give users a memorable impression. These plugins can help you connect with visitors, and encourage them to share your content throughout the web. Well-designed websites stand out, and making sure you have modern features and interactive plugins will entertain your readers and keep them coming back.

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