video marketng drive website trafficVideo content continues to grow in popularity, turning heads and prompting individuals and businesses to join the trend. Of course, beyond the fad, website owners have practical reasons for choosing to publish videos.

For starters, simply by including a video on your landing page, you can increase conversion for your website by 80 percent. Additionally, website owners enjoy an average 157-percent increase in search-engine traffic by incorporating videos into their pages. Also, they can double the time visitors spend on their site.

You can get started producing video content right away. After all, most you probably already have a camera on your computer or mobile phone. Coupled with the right software and some good content ideas, you can soon have video content that you need to grow your website.

1. Tutorials

People often search the internet trying to find out how to do something. You can make a tutorial video about practically anything:

  • How to use Windows.
  • How to produce videos.
  • How to use photo editing software.

The nature of your website should guide the types of tutorials that you produce. If you have your own brand you probably would want to create tutorials that show people how to use your products and services to achieve a particular outcome.

Meanwhile, a website that is independent of a particular brand can demonstrate the use of various products to achieve the same result. For instance, a graphic design website might publish a video showing how to use different design software applications to create the same picture.

2. Product Guides

Shoppers often want to fully understand a product before they commit to buying it. For this reason, product guide videos can lead directly to sales. For example, if you have a software product, you can use screen recording products to show how your application works.

If you have yet to create your website and need ideas, you may consider creating a site that publishes guides for products in a particular industry. With such a site, you can produce product comparison videos in addition to those that feature a single product.

3. Explanation Videos

When you produce an explainer video, you should start by identifying and analyzing a problem that your prospects and customers may have. Needless to say, to maximize your effectiveness, you first should thoroughly research the audience that you want to target.

Afterward, you should present the problem and the solution in video format. Generally speaking, an explainer video differs from a tutorial in several ways. For starters, unlike a tutorial, an explanation video can use animations and illustrations to communicate messages.

In many cases, an explanation video helps people understand why they should buy a product or choose to use a particular service. In essence, this type of content provides context rather than instructions.

In summary, you can produce the above three types of video content to drive more traffic to your websites than you could with static, text-based content. As you progress with your video strategy, monitor your results to see which type of videos gets the best results.

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