4 things your real estate website may be missingAt this stage of the digital age, you probably have a realty site. Perhaps you’ve seen some of the incredible benefits of maintaining an online presence, such as increased leads, more conversions, a greater online presence, and advertising that reaches further.

Every website could use some updating, though. Digital marketing and web design evolve constantly. You don’t want to be left behind because you didn’t make the appropriate changes to your site.

If you haven’t seen significant growth in your client base of late, it might be because your website is missing the following features.

1. Images That Attract Attention

“If you want to maximize the potential of your properties and secure long term tenants, you can’t afford to devalue or overlook listing photos,”

says an article from the property management and realty team of Houston’s Green Residential.

“They are one of the single most important aspects of marketing your listing and require your full attention.”

Not all images are created equal, though. Many agents still use graphics taken by cell phone with no editing. These are better than nothing, but they won’t excite new clients.

The mind processes images about 60,000 times faster than text, and this is essential with real estate. You’ll generate many more leads with photos that are staged and edited.

You don’t want to mislead buyers with overly edited images, but enhanced lighting and color make a difference. Even grey rooms can pop with the right editing.

2. Great Reviews

Word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective form of advertising. About 85 percent of customers will be impressed by reviews from friends, families, and acquaintances for their purchasing decisions, and about 70 percent of customers respond to reviews by complete strangers.

So generating reviews is particularly important for your business. You’re building a personal brand, and it’s hard for clients to relate to your services if they don’t hear about it from others.

When you post glowing reviews to your site, it increases your credibility and trustworthiness. After you close a deal, ask your satisfied customers to share their their experiences in an email. Not everyone will participate, but if you made a good impression, people are happy to share their appreciation for your work.

You can also copy reviews from review sites like Yelp, Google, and Zillow. Set up a profile on these sites so it’s easy for clients to leave comments.

3. Opt-In Email Requests

Gathering emails from potential clients is huge. It opens doors for your advertising campaign and makes follow-up simple. If you have something useful and inspiring to say on your website, most visitors want more. Opt-in forms make that possible.

Opt-in email popups will attract some leads organically: about two to seven percent, to be exact. Simple plugins like SumoMe and Opt-in Monster will collect these emails for you.

You might also employ incentives to encourage emails. The best incentives are freebies. Offering a discount on your services may not be prudent, but you can give a free gift, an ebook, or some other product or service that’s worth a visitor’s time.

4. Write A Blog

The best realty websites provide blog content that shares tips and tricks and recent news for clients and potentials. You can also use keywords and local SEO to boost search rankings and attract organic search queries.

“Having a real estate blog offers you a number of advantages that more than make up for the effort it takes to maintain the blog,”

says Bill Gasett, realtor and contributor for RIS Media.

“Having a blog allows you to present your experience as an agent, show you understand the local market, drive business to your agency, and more.”

With a blog, you establish yourself as an expert both in real estate and your local market. It shows the credibility and trust clients expect from their agent, and it’s all thanks to your strong online presence.

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