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4 Ways to Improve Your SMB Domain Authority

domain authority improvement tipsA website remains to an essential component in marketing your small or medium-sized business. Sure enough, at least 75% of small businesses say that internet marketing is effective according to an article by Espresso Digital. Much of the effort exerted in internet marketing is channeled through websites.

Maintaining an effective business website continues to be a challenge, especially among startups. Beyond the costs of setting up a domain (which has recently become more affordable), businesses will also need to come up with strategies for getting more traffic and converting this traffic into sales volumes.

If you want to generate more unique visits to your site, you will have to focus on improving your domain authority. Here are a few ways you can enhance your site’s influence.

1. Improve Your Site Content

When it comes right down to securing a good position for your small business online, you will have to invest in great content. By optimizing your content assets, you are not only providing value to your visitors, you’re also improving your domain authority.

For this, you may want to focus on providing your content with the right meta data such as meta descriptions, meta tags, and alt tags for your images. It’s also important to improve the readability of your content by providing subheadings and writing in a straightforward manner.

2. Improve Your Site’s Loading Speed

Loading speed is critical to your domain authority. Visitors are likely to “bounce” out of a page if it takes more than two seconds to load. Site speed is so important that, according to Conversion SL, at least 57% of site visitors will abandon a webpage if it takes three seconds or more for it to load. That being said, you may want to focus on improving the load speed of your site, which is something you backend developers can handle.

A few ways to reduce the time it takes to load your webpage is to compress your images and reduce the number of HTTP requests. You can also uninstall plugins that you’re not using anymore.

3. Formulate an Effective SEO Strategy

An optimized site is functional, intuitive, and, more importantly, search engine-friendly. SEO activities are vital to your domain’s authority. Come to think of, SEO and authority complement and reward each other, so you will have to avoid singling out effective SEO planning in building your domain’s authority.

You can conduct keyword research by using various online keyword planning tools. These should enable you to come up with a list of keywords you should be using in your content strategy. For the best results, you can always hire experienced SEO consultants to help you prepare and implement your SEO projects.

4. Optimize for the Mobile Crowd

A great deal of online users use mobile devices to access the internet. Your site gets rewarded if it is able to cater to the needs of this group.

Optimizing your site for mobile users can greatly increase your domain’s authority. So, make sure you give your site a mobile-friendly design. You can also improve its mobile functionality and responsiveness using the right plugins.

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