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5 Creative Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

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If you run a website, you understand the pain of trying to drive unique and engaging traffic to your website. Hell, driving any traffic to your site can seem at times to be a herculean task when you’re just starting out. For instance, if you’re a car accident lawyer in Kingston, how are you going to find your demographic and then get them to your site?

Today, I want to help you with this task, whether you’ve been around the blogging block a few times or you’re just starting out. All of these tips will be able to drive engaged traffic to your site that fits into your demographic through link-building. Here are a couple ways that I love to build up my link-building footprint online.


No one really seems to talk about StumbleUpon anymore and perhaps this is for a good reason. It never really seemed to have a heyday like Twitter and Facebook are currently enjoying, but it’s still a fun and creative way to try to get some people to your site. StumbleUpon has something called “the wave”. The wave is essentially a large group of people who all come on to your site at once and then it dissipates. I’ve had the wave bring more than 3,000 people to my blog in one day.

The trick is to use StumbleUpon for a few minutes each day and occasionally share one of your favorite blog posts – better yet if you can get a few friends to share them. The more people who “stumble” onto your site and give it a ‘thumbs up’, the more traffic it will bring. This tactic can often be miss, but when it hits, it hits big.


Quora is a killer site. It’s Yahoo! Answers for educated and mature adults. Participate in topic discussions that deal with your demographic and if your website or a blog post of yours is able to help someone asking a question, then you can share it with them. Just make sure to take them time and give them a proper answer with a lot of detail instead of just spamming your link.

To win over new traffic, you need to write engaging answers and build a following on the site. If your answer gets plenty of ‘thumbs up’ you’ll be able to attract a lot of steady traffic.

Commenting on Blogs

Commenting on blogs is one of the easiest ways to get tons of links online for your site. Create a spreadsheet of the top bloggers in your niche who have comment sections where you can add a personal link. Once a week “do the rounds” by seeing if each blogger has any new posts. Read their articles (at least skim them) and provide a thoughtful comment. Bloggers love the attention and as a reward you get to publish your link.

Host A Guest Post Party

This was one of my favorite strategies for getting a lot of backlinks to my blog. I would create an idea for a blog post that related to my topic and ask other bloggers in my niche to give their best advice on the topic. One article title might read “55 Widget Bloggers Give Their Number One Widget Tip”. Okay, I might be stretching that title a bit, but you get the idea.

You now have 55 bloggers who will share this article on their social media accounts to all of their followers. You will also be able to create connections with many peers in the industry. I guarantee this will be your most shared post to date.

Look For Resource Pages

Google likes to see backlinks on websites with a proven track record for producing quality content. Google then rewards these sites with backlinks a higher social media ranking. You can cash in on this by looking for resource pages held by other bloggers in your niche. Bloggers keep resource pages of other bloggers in the industry to try build connections and become leading experts in the field.

Once you find a website that has one, ask if your site can be in their resource index. Provide them a link and as a result you can get some consistent traffic that is engaged in your content. It’s also another way to meet other bloggers in your niche.

Growing traffic on your site is something that is difficult, but rewarding. Using these tactics you’ll be able to steadily increase your site traffic with engaged viewers who are far more likely to subscribe to your e-mail list and follow you than someone who winds up on your site simply by taking a wrong turn.

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