followers blog engagement tips guidesSo you’ve worked hard since starting your “cosmetic consultant in New York” blog to slowly build up your following. You now think you have people who are coming back to your site again and again because you keep getting e-mails from fans who tell you how much they love what you’re doing. You feel wonderful.

But then you realize, you need to continually develop new and exciting content to keep them engaged. You start to worry because you’re new to blogging and you’re unsure of what to do now.

You’re happy to have had so much success lately, but you’re afraid it’s going to dwindle and die down if you don’t publish an exciting post every week. How can you avoid feeling afraid and stay in command of your blogging operation?

Here are a few ideas to keep things fresh and exciting.

Develop Content Ideas In Advance

One of the big fears that many new bloggers have is the fear that they will run out of new content ideas. This is frightening indeed. One way to avoid this is to develop a list of content ideas so that you have something engaging to write to meet each article deadline of yours.

Developing new ideas can often be difficult, but there are a few things you can do to help. Start by seeing what other bloggers in your niche are writing and allow them to give you ideas for what you can do. They’re great resources to use so you can follow trends. Another method is to see what newspapers and magazine are publishing. Even Amazon’s book selection is a great way to find new content ideas.

Welcome Guest Post Submissions

It’s hard to publish every post by yourself, so remove some of the stress and allow others to publish for you. You can extend a hand out to other guest bloggers who seem to be about your level for site traffic or in the ‘contact me’ section of your website you can let people know your guest posting guidelines. This is a fun way to engage with other bloggers as well.

Develop An E-mail List

If you haven’t created an e-mail list yet, then this should be the first order of business. E-mail lists allow your readers to know what you’ve been up to. Choose a consistent date to send out your email, such as every other Monday, and find a good service to use such as MailChimp. It’s easy to develop an e-mail list by having ‘subscribe here’ widgets on your site. This is a good way to meet and get to know your readers too.

Lively Social Media Sites

Create a social media profiles on each of the major sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Keep fans updated by sending out your awesome content as soon as it’s published. In addition to this, you can tweet or post fun tips or bits of information to engage with your fans.

Produce Video Content

Video content is huge for blogs, but it can often be difficult to get into. If you’re worried about not being able to perform well on camera, remember you can simply use jump cuts and take your time to film each video so it’s perfect to how you want it.

Developing video content will help readers to relate to you even more because they can see your face and hear your voice. It’s easy to get set up too! All you need is a camera (an iPhone will work), a backdrop, and some basic editing software that comes free with just about every laptop and computer.

Host A Contest

Hosting a contest is a creative way to get your readers active in participation on your website. Find a company to partner with that relates to your niche and offer a product giveaway through blog comments. Let your readers know the rules at the end of each post and promote it on your social media accounts and e-mail lists. These are easy to run and will teach you a lot about your base of readers.

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