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7 Beginner Tips for a Successful WordPress Site or Blog

7-beginner-tips-for-a-successful-wordpress-site-or-blogGiven the wealth of WordPress resources and customization options, it is no surprise that people choose it as their content management system for building their first website. If your new site or blog is going to be built on WordPress, here are some very smart tips for you:

1. Choose a good hosting service

You need a web host that can handle the WordPress requirements. Reasonable prices for a whole year of hosting stand between $90 and $100. There are even options that go as low as $25 per year, but you have to read carefully what a package like that means. If you are planning to expand your site and get solid traffic, then you should opt for a more generous WordPress Hosting plan.

2. Install plugins immediately

Some improvements are necessarily right from the start. Once your website basics are built and the theme installed, you must proceed to adding the essential plugins to improve its functionality. Look online for lists containing the most important or useful plugins for WordPress and you can start from there.

3. Search engine optimization

There are SEO related aspects you can tweak before you hire a SEO specialist. Luckily, you can even find plugins for that. Therefore, a quick plugin installation can ensure that some critical aspects are being taken care of, such as keywords, titles, descriptions and meta descriptions. You also need to pay attention to SEO requirements for the content you’ll be posting. The rules aren’t many. If you can’t afford a professional content writer, then you can read the rules about keyword insertion, headers, subheaders and outbound links.

4. Website speed test

No visitor will ever like your website if it takes too long to load. They can simply move on to the next one and get what they need from there. To prevent this, you must first do a website load speed test.

5. Engage in social media

You must connect and become visible on social media from day one. However, don’t waste your energy on all possible channels. Pick one site or network that you feel you have a grasp of and stick to that one. Experience has proven that it’s the best way to get results. If you’re willing to boost your social media presence on all networks and you have the budget for it, then hire a specialist who will cater to your accounts. Make sure you have social buttons with each new post on your blog/site.

6. Talk about the best

Regardless of the industry or topic you focus on, it’s always a good idea to write about the best in that particular field – it’s because this is what people want to find out about. Lists like “Top 10” are always successful and draw impressive numbers of online readers, even when they’re not written by experts.

7. Choose themes with demo layouts

A theme with a demo layout can be installed with one click only and you’ll get a great looking site in no time. It is usually as simple as replacing the content it features with your own.

This is far from being an exhaustive list, yet the tips given will help you get started and set up a competitive business website that is able to generate traffic on its own.

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