scala coding mobile app developmentMobile app development is a hot industry that has taken over the digital world. It seems everyone is trying to get into the mobile app business and figure out a way to bring their company’s business model to consumers via an app. Not all apps are created equal, though, and it’s important to get the best and most functional app to push your company further towards your goals. A new tool in app development today is something called Scala. This programming language is smoothing the process of app development. Here are eight reasons why the industry loves it so much.

1. Faster to Understand

The first reason why so many companies are making the switch from other programming languages to Scala is because of how quick it is to understand. Many Java programmers have seamlessly made the switch from Java to Scala. Scala gives users an intuitive and sensible coding language that helps them implement what is needed.

2. Concise Presentation

Scala’s screen presentation is also much more manageable for programmers than other languages. With Scala, you get a combination of functional programming and object oriented code. Programmers appreciate the logical flow of the language when working with it on screen. This means your app’s development time can be expedited, speeding up the process and giving you and your company much more in less time.

3. Easy Transition From Java Experts

Since 1995, Java has been the top choice for programmers developing software, apps, and other computer functionality. It’s safe to say that any skilled programmer in this industry has extensive experience with Java. If companies choose to switch to a Scala type programming model, Java experts can easily make the transition. The cost of training and the time it takes to master the learning curve for Scala programming is minimal. Having knowledge of both of the programs gives developers much more flexibility in their work.

4. Better Functionality

Additionally, many programming experts prefer the functional style of Scala. Technically speaking, Scala is an object-oriented language, but it has plenty of features that give it optimal functionality. Developers can easily switch between statements and expressions when programming. They can also take advantage of the lazy evaluation feature, giving them more time to perfect their coding.

5. Effective Type Checking

During the type checking stage of your app’s development, you can get a better experience if you choose a company that specializes in Scala. Scala puts the type checking stage at compile time, which gives programmers a much better working experience. This step of the development process can help ensure your app or software is thoroughly reviewed and analyzed before it goes out to the public. Errors in coding can be frustrating to your app’s users and make them delete your product and never return.

6. Powerful Pattern Matching

Pattern matching is another concept developers focus on when deciding which programming language will work best for their app or software product. With Scala, pattern matching is much more powerful than other programming applications. Scala even offers excellent support for effective pattern matching, eliminating frustration when programmers are in the midst of a big project trying to meet a deadline.

7. Outsourcing Opportunities

Another reason why Scala is becoming a top choice for developers is because of its ability to be outsourced. Companies like Redwerk are taking on Scala mobile development projects for businesses that don’t have a dedicated staff of software developers. Instead of being left behind while watching all of your competitors release engaging apps, your business can join in and get your own development project going with an outsourced firm. Scala programming makes it possible to get exactly what you’re looking for.

8. Ideal Inheritance and Concurrency

Lastly, Scala developers also prefer the way the language deals with inheritance and concurrency. Inheritance is the process of grouping programming objects together and keeping them organized. Scala has streamlined this process to help make developers’ work much easier. Concurrency is another concept that helps save time. This means a programmer can work on more than one task at a time while coding. Scala has made this a prime feature of its programming language to benefit the development process.

Today’s app development industry is evolving and improving with faster tools and more effective processes. Adding Scala to your team’s game plan for app development can help you do more with less.

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