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8 Tips for Making Your WordPress Installation More Secure

wordpress installation security tips
Is WordPress Truly Secure?

If your website is powered by WordPress or if you are thinking about using WordPress as your CMS, then you might be worried about just how secure it actually is.

WordPress itself is secure as long as its security best practices are adhered to. Since WordPress powers approximately 25% of all sites, security breaches are unavoidable in light of the fact that not all clients are cautious, careful, or security mindful with their sites.

WordPress operates on open source code and has a group explicitly committed to discovering, recognizing and fixing WordPress security issues that emerge in the central code. As security vulnerabilities are unveiled, fixes are promptly pushed out to fix any new security issues found. That is the reason for keeping WordPress up-to-date with the most recent version and is imperative to the security of your site.

It’s necessary to take note that WordPress security vulnerabilities go beyond the core code into the themes or plugins you introduce on your site. As per a report by, of the 13,958 currently known WordPress security vulnerabilities:

  • 19.76% are from WordPress plugins.
  • 77.68% are from core WordPress.
  • 2.56% are from WordPress themes.

So how do you keep your WordPress website secure? Here are a few tips.

1. Do Not Use “Admin” As Your Administrator Login

“Admin” is the most widely recognized username for WordPress admin login names. Everyone knows this, including hackers. To make their life more difficult, you ought to lean toward some other username over “Admin” and pick one with capital letters.

You should create a new user with administrative rights.

If “Admin” was your only user, then all pages should be assigned to the new user just created and delete the “admin” user from your WordPress site.

2. Keep Your Software Version Up-To-Date

Each time a security issue springs up, a fix will be on its way, implying that keeping your website running securely is an ongoing obligation. Having every one of your files updated to the most recent version is the best way to ensure the security of your WordPress site. By using old and outdated versions of the software, plugins or themes will leave you vulnerable to attacks. Updates will appear in your dashboard as soon as they are available. Version updates may also include patches for any security issues which have been detected in the code, along with any updates required to plugins and themes.

Choose Strong, Long Passwords With Numbers, Symbols, and Capitals

Using a simple password which you easily remember, is like an open invitation to hackers. Consecutive numbers, words like “letmein”, or “password” are too easily broken. Your login password is your first line of defence against your site being infiltrated.

  • Your password should not contain any actual words to prevent dictionary attacks.
  • It should contain numbers and symbols.
  • At a minimum, it should be 15 characters long.

If you have difficulty in coming up with a long, strong password meeting these criteria, consider using one of the readily available online password generators, such as or even LastPass, which allows you to manage and store logins and passwords so you don’t have to remember what they are or where you wrote them down.

Only Use Plugins And Themes From Trustworthy Sources

Never install plugins or themes from untrustworthy sources. Only install software which has been downloaded from, well-known commercial or reputable software developers’ websites. Since plugins are one of the most influential elements of the WordPress system, before downloading and installing any plugin, no matter the source, look for reviews, comments or any other relevant opinions as to the plugin and the author. Avoid any “nulled” versions of plugins as they can often contain malicious coding and you could end up installing malware into your site.

Consider Adding An SSL Certificate To Your Website

If you are concerned about the security of your WordPress website, consider a WordPress SSL certificate implementation.

HTTPS or Secure HTTP is an encryption strategy that secures the connection between visitors’ browsers and your server. This makes it more difficult for hackers to spy on the connection. Almost daily we share our private information with numerous websites when we make an online purchase or log in to a site. So as to protect the transfer of this sensitive data, a secure connection needs to be established. Adding an SSL certificate to your site is an easy method to encode the information on your site to guarantee that just the intended viewers can see the delicate data being shared.

Remove Obsolete Plugins and Themes

Do you have any old plugins and themes on your WordPress website? It’s a smart idea to uninstall and totally delete any of these unused plugins and themes as they can represent a security threat if there are known weaknesses within them.

Install A WordPress Security Plugin

Download and install a security plugin from a reputable source. A WordPress security plugin can assist with numerous security tasks that would otherwise take a long time and a great deal of technical know-how.

A good security plugin can help fix potential security breaches and enhance user credentials.

Consider Using Two-Factor Login Authentication

By utilizing a two-factor authentication procedure to your account, the extra layer of security provided far outweighs the time involved to login to your account. In addition to your usual login name and password, a second unique code is sent to you via text or email to your phone or computer. Only after successfully entering both will you be able to login to your WordPress site.

In conclusion, while WordPress security issues do exist, most can be prevented by using security best practices and attention to the potential security dangers. Armed with information and techniques to protect your WordPress site, you can limit your risk to hacks and keep your WordPress site protected and secure.

Keeping your WordPress website secure will be among the most important tasks on your mind since it is a never-ending procedure. Hopefully, these tips may go some way to helping you.

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