8-ways-to-instantly-increase-your-conversion-ratesIncreasing conversion rates is imperative for any website owner. After all, more conversions means more business and more business means more revenue.

However, increasing your conversion rate can often seem easier said than done, especially if you’re new to the scene.

In this post, we’ll talk about 8 ways to instantly increase your conversion rates.

Include a feature box in the header of your website

For many years now, the majority of bloggers have placed their email sign up forms in the sidebar and at the bottom of their posts. As a result, most of us have come to ignore them completely because we are so used to seeing them.

A feature box in the website’s header that has been set up with a lead generation software, on the other hand, is not something that you see on every website. Because of that, it immediately captures our attention and increases your chances of getting that email address.

Use Content Upgrades

A lead magnet that you created in the hopes of getting more email subscribers may do you more harm than good. One broad lead magnet may not be related to all your posts which is why it’s better to offer content upgrades. They serve the same purpose as the lead magnet: increasing your conversion rate; but they are different because they are related to the post your visitors are reading at the time.

By offering a little extra information on the post’s topic, or even just a PDF of the post that they can read and access straight from their device as many times as they’d like can significantly increase the chances of visitors signing up for your email list.

Include Email Popups

Email popups are an effective way to grab your visitor’s attention and instantly increase your conversion rates. They work wonders if you opt for lead generation software that utilizes exit-intent technology. Exit-intent lightbox popups show up right as a visitor is about to leave your website and encourages your visitors to give you another chance by downloading your content upgrade or any other incentive you might have to offer.

Use A/B Testing

Speaking of email popups, most lead generation software nowadays has split-testing features. In a nutshell, this allows you to create two different versions of the same form and randomly display them to your visitors. You can choose to completely change the design or make minor changes such as the headline or the color of your button.

After you have let the test run for a while, you can gather and analyze the data to see which version performed better. Once you have the results, it’s time to implement those changes throughout your website.

A/B Testing however doesn’t stop with email signup forms. You can also apply this technique to your landing pages and headlines on your blog posts to see what brings you better results.

Keep in mind that you should do incremental changes. Changing your whole email optin form won’t give you accurate results since you won’t know which elements of the form were the ones that actually led to better conversion rates. Instead, opt for making small tweaks and testing a few things at a time.

Increase Trust

It goes without saying that people will only hand over money to those whom they trust. And the same can be said about their email address as well. You can greatly improve your conversion rates if you show other people are enjoying the content of your newsletters.

This can be done in several ways.

If you already have a decent number of subscribers, try including that number in your optin headline.

Ask your current subscribers why they enjoy your content and if you could share their answer with your audience. Chances are, most of them won’t mind helping you out and will give you an answer. Include that answer on your About page just above your email optin form.

Consider linking to a web version of your newsletter archives on your site to give potential subscribers a taste of what they can expect once they join your email list.

Only ask for relevant information

Make it easy to convert. Keep your optin forms as short as possible and only ask for information you really need. While most email service providers allow you to include fields for their first and last name, their address, and more, consider if you really need that information.

In most cases, their email address and their first name is all you really need so don’t ask for irrelevant information. If it takes less than 30 seconds to complete the process, you’ll be in good shape.

Use strong action words in your headline

No matter how compelling your lead magnet or how good your content upgrade is, it won’t bring you any conversions if your headline is weak. The headline in your optin form is the first thing your visitors see so it’s imperative you make it as inviting as possible without sounding like a cliche.

Most users can see right through a cliché when they come across it so avoid using hype words everyone else is using. Instead of copying everyone else, use strong action words and speak in your own voice to explain what the benefit of signing up is and exactly what they are getting.

Replace the standard Subscribe, Sign up or Register here in your button with action words such as Let’s do this! Join the club or I’m in.

Include an image of your offer

A good image is worth a thousand words so take advantage of that. Consider creating a visual representation of your optin offer. People crave visuals because sight is the strongest sense.

If you’re offering a PDF, create a graphic that shows the cover page and include it in your email signup form. If it’s a workbook, include an image that shows a page from it on your desk.

Visuals have been proven to increase conversion rates and have a direct impact on sales and it’s no different when it comes to collecting email addresses. People will be more inclined to give you their email address if they can visualize what you are offering.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it: 8 ways to instantly increase your conversion rates. Which method is your favorite one? Which one will you try out next? Let us know in the comments below!

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