WordPress Plugins to boost performance of your coupon or deal websites

Plugins help to extend and add features that can enhance the overall performance of the already existing WordPress site. The WordPress is designed in a manner that it consists of the basic features. It is so designed because the intention was to minimize the coding and to get the maximum flexibility of customization. And plugins help in the customization and accordingly setting the WordPress features to suit one’s needs.

The plugins have their own specific features and one plugin cannot serve the purpose of suiting to all needs. One can browse through the list of plugins and accordingly choose the plugin that suits one’s specific needs.

The Coupons business

For any coupon-centric website, WordPress plugins are of utter importance. The plugins are modern and are customizable according to the customer’s needs. They are streamlined for the ease of usage. These days the coupons websites have gone upsurge and their ranking in the search engine has also risen. The WordPress plugins are useful; each feature is promising in expanding your websites’ page.

The mighty Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a feature that has outshined the usage of keywords or multiple keywords that you want to use in the coupon websites. Since the e-commerce business has grown and there are ample of sites that are working and selling the products and services online hence the business of coupons has also improved and has earned a position for itself in the market.

The coupons provide a certain amount of additional rebate on the MRP of the product or services being purchased. Yoast SEO allows using multiple keywords and adjusting the Meta description according to the keywords. The snippet can be written accordingly too. It has the most advanced XML Sitemaps function. You just need to check the box and it automatically creates XML sitemaps. It notifies Google & Bing like engines of the sitemaps existence.

W3 total cache

W3 Total Cache is a feature that improves your experience by enhancing your site. Through server performance, it reduces the download time and provides transparent content delivery network integration (CDN). This feature is free of cost service and has been loved by the users so far.

Since the download time is reduced through the W3 total cache hence it will dramatically enhance the visitors of your site. Time is money these days and anything that saves time becomes favorite. People who are keen in the coupons and deals opportunities will always prefer to visit sites that take less of their precious time.

Overall performance and the average time that one will spend in your website will both increase and hence, the ranking of the website will increase. For instance; for the coupons the users will definitely be using a similar website.

  • Redirection plugin WordPress
  • Manage 301 redirections
  • Keep track of 404 errors
  • Correcting the loose ends of your site.

Above mentioned tasks can be easily performed in a redirection plugin of the WordPress. All the URLs can be redirected. Basically, there are various features to redirect through a WordPress plugin. The list of languages that are available for the redirection is long and hence, the constraints of languages are deleted.

As we all understand redirection to web pages are essential and there is no way out without allowing the redirection to a particular page. Hence, the feature of redirection plugin is a helpful tool that has further advanced your experience in the coupon or deal websites. In case one wants the Paytm offers he or she can get redirected to the particular pages.

Wordfence WordPress plugin

Wordfence is a security feature to protect the WordPress websites. It provides the best ever protection for your awesome website. The Wordfence is powered by a constantly updated Threat defence mechanism. Its Web Application Firewall system saves your website from getting hacked. Wordfence can scan the leverages and the proprietary feeds (if any), it alerts you immediately in the event of your site being threatened. The Live Traffic view gives a real-time visibility of the traffic and any hacking attempts made to the website. The Wordfence is a power packed set of advanced tools that completely secures the websites.

WordPress plugins for import coupons and offers

Since you have a Coupon and deals websites you are sure to import the affiliate products from the major e-commerce websites.

Amazon Import tool – this tool helps to get the selling on high at the amazon website. The tool is a boon for the coupons world. You can try the best Amazon coupons in order to gain best available discounts.

Ebay Import Tool – This plugin allows importing eBay articles to your coupon website. They allow the referrals and pushing the sales.

Coupilia Import Plugin – through Coupilia one can get to the next level of coupon website success. The custom admin tools that they provide for the WordPress site is very helpful.

Icodes Import Plugin – like the other tools that boost the coupon websites through these plugins. An Icodes account is very helpful in such cases.

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