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web developer chichesterIf you are one of those people who likes solving problems, then perhaps you can try choosing a career path that involves solving problems.

Something like web design. It becomes something very amazing if you can be able to use images and texts to create a fantastic website that a company will be proud off and people would love to visit. But then how do you do this?

The idea to start developing websites can sometimes be very overwhelming when you sit down and start thinking what it is that you really should do to become a great website developer. A lot of question will often cross your mind on this matter but then worry not.

With the tips below, you will find yourself obtaining great foundational skills and before you know it, you have already become one of the best when it comes to web design in Chichester. Let us first start with the technical skills.

Technical skills

Visual design

Well, to become a web developer, you will need design, right? However, on the digital side of view, this might mean another different thing away from what you expected.

You should know that the feel and the look of a site is usually set by the design principles. These ranges from typography to proportions, color theory to grid systems among other things.

This should also be your chance to dive into creating the type hierarchy and creating the mood boards. You should also be able to play around and experiment with different web fonts and color palettes.


This is a simple abbreviation that stands for “User Experience”. The interaction between the users and the website you develop, the experience they get and things like that.

Well, it is very important to make a website that gives out a good user experience, a website that will make the users feel happy when using it.

For you to achieve this, you will need to do some research by creating personas and lay out content pages with a site map.

This will help you to figure out the path that the user takes on the website in user flows. You will then be able to build wireframes in order to sketch out major parts of each page.

Software Design Tools

Just like any other job involving that involves building things, you will need to have the right required tools for this.

It is also very critical and helpful for you to know the industry standards required when using these tools. Well, just by using a web browser, you can be able to design a great website.

Most of the time, most designers will use tools like sketch and Photoshop to create images, logos and mockups. These can also be used to enhance and modify other photos to be used on the website.


Surprise!! Yes, web designers need to code too. Many design jobs nowadays will require you to have this skill.

HTML is another abbreviation for HyperText Markup Language which is simply what is responsible for giving the website its structure and putting contents in it.

With some knowledge in HTML, you can always be able to build up a website from scratch anytime.


You can take this to be a partner to HTML. It stands for Cascading Style Sheets. This is what helps in formatting and styling of HTML to come up with a beautiful webpage.

CSS can help you to play around with things like colors or even the fonts of your web contents.

CSS gives you an opportunity to unleash your creativity on the website you are developing.

The Soft Skills

These are some other simple but important things that you will also need to consider if you want to become a good web developer. Combine these with the technical skills and you will be good to go.


This is a skill that you must have otherwise it will be the beginning of your problems. When designing websites for your client, you will need to stay in touch with them and keep them posted on how the project is developing.

You should also make sure that when passing information or explaining a point, it should be in a way that is easy to understand.

Time Management

This is another key factor that you should put into consideration if you want to be a top notch web designer.

You can use the help of productivity apps including calendars or task lists. When working for a large organization, you might want to use tools that help track your projects like JIRA or Trello.

Anyway, whichever tools you use, tracking and prioritizing your projects is very important for your success.

Marketing, SEO, Social Media

You will be wrong by thinking that marketing, SEO or social media was just meant for salespersons alone.

Well, during this social media era, a lot of companies have made a great fortune just by staying around these three things.

Anyway, how would you want people to know about your skills? How will you market yourself? Exactly my thoughts.

You should at least know even the basics of these three things as this might take you a long way in becoming a successful web developer.

Client Management

Maybe you are a freelancer or an employee somewhere, the profitability or sustainability of your company or your self will depend on your bottom line understanding.

You need to be having an idea about your business or your employer’s finances and goals and be able to use them as a guide to your work.

But, if you are directly designing for your clients, it is important that you have a plan laid out to ensure that both your project backlog and finances are doable and healthy.


I am sure that you are now surprised to find out there’s nothing difficult if you set out to becoming a web designer.

As you have seen, you will only need to have some basic foundation when it comes to the technical part and a bit of some simple skills on the organizational side.

If you combine these two parts and handle them well, there’s nothing that really can stop you from becoming a good web designer.

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