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Cost-Effective Techniques to Increase Clicks on Your Website

cost effective techniques increase clicks
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To any given marketer or business owner, the one thing they would love most is probably more customers. They would like more traffic on their websites. Lucky enough, there are numerous ways of increasing the traffic on sites. Here s a list of how to do just that.


Advertising is the most common way of getting traffic to your site. Advertising on social media and displaying advertisements are all good ways of alluring visitors, brand building and taking your website to people. Change your paid plans to conform to your goals. Is high traffic your primary concern or you also want to double your conversions too? Each paid channel has its merits and demerits, so think critically about your targets before you get your credit card. If you believe that high traffic to your website would turn into more sales, then you’ll have to aim to high trade intent keywords as part of your plans.

Get Connections

Producing great content and sitting there hoping that people find it is not enough, you have to be aggressive. One of the simple but crucial ways to increase to your site by the use of social media channels to advance on your content. Twitter is useful for short hasty links, whereas promotion on google+ can assist your site pop up in any personalized search. The results are useful in B2B niches. Companies with B2C products can find big traction on social sites that are more on images like Pinterest and Instagram

Write Catchy Headlines

Headlines are a very vital part of the content of the site. Without a convincing headline, even the most inclusive blog post will go unnoticed. Learn the art of coming up with compelling headlines. An example is that the writers’ at BuzzFeed and Upworthy usually write up to twenty different topics before settling on the one that would create most traffic. Analyze your headline properly before you publish.

Create Referral Traffic

Instead of trying hard to have other sites link back to you which at times can be tiresome and time wasting, come up with content that other sites would want to be linked to. Learn how solo ads are great for marketing.

Post On LinkedIn

LinkedIn has become more than a way of getting a job. It is the world’s biggest social network for professionals and is a good platform for publishing. This means it is possible to post content on LinkedIn regularly. By doing that, you are assured of traffic increase on your site while at the same time growing on your profile.

Pay Attention To Email Marketing

Email marketing is a traditional way of marketing. This, however, is not to say that it shouldn’t be used as a marketing tool. This method is robust and if effectively used, can result in a massive uptick n traffic. However, be careful not to feel people in boxes with emails on every single thing you do. Use of word of mouth can also be a perfect way to get traffic to your website. This is mostly effective to people already using some of your products or services.

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