custom-business-website-design-features-when-off-the-shelf-templates-simply-wont-doSetting up a business website is easy to do these days. With free templates and cheap hosting, you can a get your website set up in hours.

But the best businesses do not settle for something as basic as this. They use a range of features that ensure their websites stand out above the competition. Here are some of the best features that your site should have.

An Original Design

Free templates may be the easiest and cheapest option when launching a website, but they are rarely the best option for businesses that want to create a website that stands out.

Instead, hire a professional designer to create you an original site that is unique from the competition. The best way to do this is to hire an experienced web development  company that can create a site that is tailored to your business needs.

A Responsive Design

More and more people are using their mobile devices to access the internet, and many people will visit your site on a mobile device. To ensure they get a good experience, make sure your website has a responsive design.

The user experience is one of the most important things to get right. You can only guarantee a good user experience if you have a responsive design, or at least a dedicated mobile version of your website, so make sure you have this.

High-Quality Content

Another mainstay of the best websites is great content. This is different from the products and services pages, and it is often included in the form of a blog or article section.

Useful, informative, and above all valuable content is recommended for every business website. It gives people a reason so keep on visiting your site, and it encourages them to stay longer once they arrive.

It also helps people to discover your site in the first place because it can boost your ranking in the search engines. And it can also be shared across social media, which can increase your content discovery.


It’s a great idea to get some testimonials on your website. Rather than you saying how great you are, get your existing customers to say so instead. This is far more persuasive for new customers.

Make your testimonials prominent, and put them on every page of your site. Include the real name of the customer, and include a photo if you can. If you can get a video testimonial, this can be the best option of all.

Professional Images

Images are important on any website. But rather than use stock photos that many other websites will be using, invest in professional photos, and especially photos of your products in use. These will not only be original but will also be more effective.

Security Symbols

People are concerned about online security. If you want people to purchase your products directly from your website, you should give them reassurances that your site is safe.

Start by using an SSL certificate, which encrypts communications. This will give customers more peace of mind. But also consider getting other security symbols that you can display on your site, such as the Norton Secured symbol.

Email Newsletter

When people visit your website for the first time, they are unlikely to buy your products or services immediately. However, rather than have them leave and never come back, aim to capture their email addresses so that you can continue to communicate with them.

Email marketing is one of the most effective types of online marketing you can do. By capturing the email addresses of your visitors by providing them with a free report or a discount in return, you can continue to market to them over time, encouraging them to do business with you.

Social Sharing Buttons

People like to share content when they find something interesting online. If you publish high-quality content in your blog, make sure you provide your visitors with a way to share it. This way you can make it easier for them to share your content, and you can benefit from greater visibility of your business.

Calls to Action

It’s important to tell your visitors exactly what you want them to do. If it is unclear, they may not be sure what they should be doing, and as a result they may leave your site. If you want them to call you, provide your number and tell them clearly that they should get in touch.

Make the Most of Your Website

Your website is perhaps your most important sales and marketing tool, so make sure you do everything you can to ensure it is as good as possible. These are just a few of the most important features that your site should include, so consider adding them to your website to impress your customers and make more conversions.


Liam Glencross is the Digital Marketer for Staxoweb and controls the SEO and marketing activities of the website for Staxoweb. He started at Staxoweb as a Digital Marketing Apprentice and has become an SEO expert and a specialist in Digital Marketing Fully qualified to industry standard. Liam Has been doing SEO and Digital Marketing for Staxoweb for 2 Years and has achieved a Rank 1 for chosen keywords as well as covering other areas of the business in IT Support and Website Development. In his Spare time Liam Enjoys to play games on a custom built gaming PC that he has maintained over a few years. He also enjoys doing photography and videography projects in his spare time.

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