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Design a Better Business Website with These Tips & Tricks

business website builder tips guidesDesigning your business website is only the first step to really getting your feet wet in the digital world. Anyone can build a website in roughly an hour’s time, but an effective business website takes a little extra effort.

If you are not clear on what separates the successful endeavor and the “nice try,” then you have stumbled upon a gemstone. Read through this brief explanation of some of the most influential design aspects present in some of the most successful business websites, and decide how your website compares.

Social media is a powerful tool

Visibility is everything in terms of success online. Without the ability to place your content in front of web users, your website is obsolete. Social media is one of your most powerful tools for boosting visibility.

Use social media share buttons to add an extra dimension to your online presence. When visitors have the ability to share on a whim, they will use it. Add the sharing buttons in strategic locations throughout your website for maximum effect.

Business blogs are a strong investment

Every business website should have its own blog worked into the design. Use your blog content to build a more focused section of information on your site. A well-written business blog can keep visitors interested for quite a while, and a loyal readership is priceless.

Keep the subject matter of your blog posts and reviews relevant to the industry with which you operate. Check out this example from Their posts are perfectly aligned with the site’s purpose.

If you work your social media share buttons into the content of your business blog, you will have created an opportunity for free marketing. Every time a visitor shares your blog post on their social media profile, your organization gets a free plug.

Optimize your design for mobile access

You want your business website to be easily accessible for mobile devices, as the mobile web is becoming more popular every day. Mobile devices are so prevalent in today’s culture that it is more likely for users to access your website from a smartphone or iPad than a personal computer or laptop.

Lucky for you, it is pretty easy to set your website up to automatically adjust to the size of the screen accessing the page. Research the use of “media queries,” and you’ll learn how to optimize in under ten minutes.

Learn all things concerning SEO

Search engine optimization is the key to boosting your website’s visibility online. The concepts of SEO will teach you how the search engines of the internet collect and evaluate data. You want your website to look good to the search engines, so they will rank your domain higher in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

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