website design tips user engagementIt doesn’t matter which industry you serve; you are always fighting for new clients. A fully optimized website is essential to build a robust online presence. But, if your site doesn’t engage with your visitors, It’s time you introduce some changes starting with the following:

Create a Pleasant Experience

Be distinct. It will provide you the opportunity to influence every visitor by presenting your content and essential details in a consumable way. Follow these tips to create a pleasant experience for your visitors and improve your website traffic:

Get Rid of Clutter

Get rid of visual clutter to highlight relevant content. Removing clutter will help the visitor find what he needs. Use a minimal design approach and give visual prominence to only the important key points.

Create More White Space

You should offer lots of white space around the vital content as it will help your audience identify and focus on it. It will also improve your readability and helps the reader understand the intent of your every word.


A carefully crafted hierarchy emphasizes important content and plays down everything else. To achieve this, you need to organize large chunks of content into several sections with defined headers. Use a bulleted list and tables when needed.

Visitor Focus

You need to understand your audience; it is key to your success. You have to speak openly to your audience and help them improve their understanding of your message. It will ultimately enhance their user experience.

You must design each component with a proper structure that will convey your message. Hire Website Design Services Auckland, NZ – The Web Guys if needed. You can draw your visitor’s focus with:

  • Graphics, Statistics, Dates, and Prices
  • Comedy (only when appropriate), Standing Out with Clever Wording
  • Animation because movement draws attention. Just make sure you are using it to convey relevant information
  • Infographics

Use Story-telling

Tell a story with visuals. Yes, visual-storytelling is one of the most effective ways to convey your message. It is a successful content marketing strategy. Nothing conveys emotion and drive engagement better than storytelling.

Just make sure you create a good user experience for the audience. To help you do so, we are sharing a few key tips:

Use Images

Have you ever heard this saying, “A Picture is worth a Thousand Words”? To tell you the truth, you need more than just one picture to tell a good story and make sure its optimized for SEO. You need to use captivating images to provoke an emotional response from your visitors.

Emotion is a great motivator, and it can compel your visitor to spend more time on your website. The following four factors can help you identify how effective your image is:

  • Authenticity: People love responding to real-life examples, the catch is, you need something that shows human vulnerability.
  • Cultural Relevance: Make sure it’s acceptable for your audience
  • Sensory Currency: This means capitalizing on human emotions
  • Use a Role Model: You need to present the story with role models and archetypes to connect with the audience.


The video is perhaps the best way to tell a story. It is believed that by 2019, more than 60% of internet traffic will be video. 65% of viewers watch more than three-quarters of an online video. This is a huge engagement factor, and you should use it to make your website relevant.

You can add content like vlogs, tutorials, and client reviews. These will help you built trust with the online community. Moreover, optimize videos to reach as many personas as possible because it will help expand your business.


Use graphs, charts, statistics, and tables. These are effective visual solutions if you want to make an impact. These visuals can help you explain anything in detail. For example:

  • Pie Charts to Show Percentages
  • Flow Chart to Explain a Process
  • Table and Bar Graph to show a change or compare something
  • Statics to show communication impact, improvements, and change in rankings

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