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How to Create a Video Tutorial for Your Tech Blog

how-to-create-a-video-tutorial-for-your-tech-blogThe key objective of any blog, regardless of industry or niche, should be usefulness and relevance for the reader. In order to build an audience and work toward a successful blog, particularly if you’re monetizing your site, people need to feel like they can come there and find information that they want and need.

This information should often solve a problem they have in their lives, and this can be easy to accomplish as a tech blogger in particular. The options for creating blog posts in the tech industry that can serve as a guide for readers are endless.  You can also take it to the next level and maximize the money your blog makes by adding a video element.

Video tutorials are a natural fit on tech blogs, and below are some tips you can follow to get started.

Choose the Right Topic

Not just any topic is going to work well in a video tutorial format, so make sure you’re selecting a good one. There’s also going to be a difference between a topic that makes a good tutorial-style written post versus a video post.

Video tutorials tend to work well when there’s a visual aspect to explaining how something works, so you can think about showing your audience how to use the newest gadget or how to use a software platform. Even home technology can be a good fit for a video tutorial.

Create An Outline

If you start recording yourself doing a tutorial and you have no real plan in place, the result can feel disjointed. Your audience isn’t likely to find this helpful.

Instead, when you’re planning your tech blog tutorial, give yourself at least a rough outline. Plan for how you’d like to structure it, and the general points you’d like to cover.

A script isn’t necessary, since that can make you seem stiff and unrelatable, but you should give yourself a sense of structure to avoid veering off topic or being longwinded.

Keep It Simple

People are likely going to be coming to you because they want to learn something new. You need to assume your audience isn’t full of tech whizzes. Instead, try to keep your language simple and relatable, but don’t speak as if you’re talking down to viewers.

Think about creating a persona before doing your video, and pretend as if you’re talking directly to that person. Be conversational and friendly, but also avoid using language that’s too complex or could be lost on your viewers.

Editing and Effects

Video tutorials are focused on imagery, and people are going to opt for them because they often find them easier to digest due to the fact they’re visual. Build on this by editing your tutorial with callouts and effects that will emphasize what you’re talking about.

The more you can show versus telling in a tutorial, often the better it will be for the audience.

If you’re a tech blogger who wants to expand your audience and your marketing, consider taking on the challenge of video tutorials. They’re a good way to not only drive traffic to your site but also build your reputation as an authority.

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