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No matter how good your website is, it will not be successful if people do not know it is there. No one will click on it to view and it will not move up the rankings unless you have some way of letting people know about it.

If you have a poor website to begin with, you’re going to struggle to develop an audience who stick around. Make this your starting point so that you have a platform that’s going to both attract and retain visitors. If you’re yet to build a website, then this website builder from Webeden may be more suited to you. If you’ve already built your site and it needs improvement,  these tips may be of use. Once your website is sorted, you’re ready to move onto the next step.

Here are 3 pointers for people trying to develop an online audience.

Social Media

Using social media to create an online audience can be time consuming but very effective. For many years big businesses ignored the trends of social media. Now they have realised what a useful marketing tool it can be, they all have pages on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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What you need to remember is that people use social media to interact with friends and family, not to see adverts. You have to become one of those friends or followers. Like their posts, comment when appropriate but always be positive. In your posts mention your online business, but do not just put up loads of adverts as people will scroll past them without bothering to read the content.

As you make more friends you will get more followers as a matter of progression. Then when one of them wants the product or service you are providing, they will know they have a friend that sells it. By human nature, most people would rather buy from a friend than a stranger.

Social media is not a one time hit but something ongoing that will continually help your online audience grow, if you handle it in the right way.

Quality Content That Is Interesting

Technology is so advanced these days that the search engines rank sites by what they perceive to be quality content. The higher up the rankings you are, the more people will see your website, it’s as simple as that. Content that is of interest to the people you want to serve is vital. If they see that your product solves a problem for them, they will buy from your site and become returning customers. Keeping your content up to date and relevant is just as important. Don’t just fill the site with content and then forget about it.

Telling them about yourself is a good idea, people love stories. Let them know how you started and why. Some will connect with you because of that and you will find they will turn into conversions. If they like your story they may well tell others, which could bring more traffic to your new website.

Quality content is vital as any good website builder will tell you, and without it your website will not succeed.

Guest Posts and Interviews

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Creating good content as guest posts on other peoples sites is a good way of getting your brand known, as is giving interviews about your product or service. Letting browsers know why they should chose yours rather than someone else’s is an important marketing strategy. Knowing your product inside out so that all questions have an answer will draw viewers towards your expertise, which helps to build trust in your online presence.


It is unlikely that any one thing will be enough to develop your online audience; it needs to be a mix of them all. As your online presence grows, you will get to know which mediums are working best for you, and then you can put more effort into those, and do less work on the ones that are not producing the results.

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