how to improve your php knowledge
Learning to code with the PHP programming language is a bit of a hassle these days. There are so many courses to choose from to gain a masters in computer science online for a start. There are also many PHP versions to consider which makes choosing an online masters computer science course even harder. They’re not the only things that make learning PHP hard, either, there’s also the added bonus of many online tutorials that don’t necessarily provide the right information or the “correct way” of coding. So, even if you do eventually end up learning to code with PHP to a good standard, you’re also guaranteed of coding using the wrong methods that aren’t efficient. If you’re looking to benefit your knowledge of PHP, however, there are several tutorials you’ll need to complete.

The Famous “Hello World!” Tutorial

It’s probably one of the most boring tutorials out there, but it’s out there for a reason. It’s out there to give you a platform to work with when it comes to learning new bits of code. Learning the “Hello World!” Tutorial will take you all but two minutes, but it will give you a chance to have a mess around and try out some of your own code.

Simple Contact Forms

Learning to code contact forms using PHP won’t only help you learn more PHP features, but it’ll also help you learn how the HTML programming language is used with PHP. Online users aren’t going to be able to interact with PHP alone, so it’s up to HTML to give PHP some visual appeal. HTML is only a frontend language and PHP is a backend language, but they definitely have a one of a kind relationship which has led them to become the most popular web development languages in the world.

CodeIgniter Documentation

These days, PHP programmers don’t work with PHP without a good framework to help them. A framework helps them code more efficiently, cleanly and securely – three of the most important things that are needed to create full-scale web applications. CodeIgniter is one of those frameworks that many programmers rely on because of its easy to follow documentation that makes MVC (Model-View-Controller) coding easy. Use the CodeIgniter Documentation by clicking here, and you’ll see your PHP learning experience flourish.

Build a WordPress Plugin

Building your own WordPress plugin could take your learning experience to new heights. Of course, this tutorial will take more knowledge and experience, but it’s one to consider once you’ve grasped the use of PHP frameworks. This tutorial will not only help you learn how to work with existing CMSs (Content Management Systems) – but it’ll also help you work with a CMS that is the base of millions of websites out there.

It’s Time to Code Your Own CMS

code your cms
Although the likely chance of you being able to build a CMS that can compete with WordPress is small, there’s still nothing wrong with coding one to help you develop new skills. Building a CMS will take plenty of time and the ability to learn new PHP coding techniques, but it’s something to consider if you want to better your security practices and make you a master coder. Look at this modern PHP tutorial that’ll show you the ropes of a good CMS design.

The tutorials above are just a scratch on the surface of what’s available online when it comes to PHP resources. Your best bet, however, is to undertake a professional course that’ll not only develop your skills further, but also shape you into a better coder that isn’t going to cut any corners when it comes to security or Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) that makes coding easier to alter in the future.

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