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Having a blog on your personal or business website is one of the most effective tactics to grow a loyal following and customer base. When running a personal branding site, a blog enables you to share knowledge in your area of expertise and also demonstrate real-life experiences and skills. On the other hand, businesses can use blogs to provide deeper insights on their products and services.

Are you new to blogging and looking for ways to create great content that readers will love? This post is for you. Here, we share the same strategy we use to grow our HQ SEO Agency blog.

Six easy ways to create quality content for your blog

Focus on creating value for your audience

When creating content for your blog, the first and probably the most important question to ask yourself is whether whatever you’re offering adds value to your readers. To begin, try to understand the purpose of your website and the nature of the visitors that it attracts. For example, if it’s a business website, ensure that your blog focuses on supporting the value that consumers are obtaining from using your products and services. Here, you can elaborate further on the standout features of your products, offer detailed user guides, give insight on market trends, or any other topic that may interest your audience.

Conduct thorough topic research

conent topic people love
After identifying an appropriate topic for your target audience, the next step entails getting down to further research. Sure, you may be quite knowledgeable in your field but consulting with other thought leaders in your field only makes your articles more valuable. By doing more research, therefore, you’re able to create improved versions of the existing content.

To ensure that your content attracts even more audience, conduct keyword analysis to find out what your market is most eager to learn – the content that’s most in demand. There are a few valuable tools that can help you with keyword research especially if you’re looking to attract readers organically from search results.

Learn how to write engaging content

Interestingly, your audience are one of your major assets when it comes to content creation. As such, try to create blog posts that encourage your readers to engage you or each other. This is particularly important for topics that you feel are broad enough to attract readers’ opinions but you can hardly write any solid posts on them. In such cases, you’ll technically be creating a platform for people to debate on a matter of interest; before you know it, the comments will fill the space where your content would otherwise be. Depending on the relevance of the topic, this kind of discussion will offer content for the search engines to crawl.

Write concisely

write content concisely
While it’s important to create detailed blogs that cover the subject matter comprehensively, you don’t need to write very long posts to communicate your ideas. With multiple studies showing that the attention span of today’s readers has decreased significantly, it helps to write concise content on more niche-oriented topics. Start by breaking down ideas into smaller posts and let readers know that there’s a follow-up article in another page if they wish to learn further. Always remember that no matter how good a long post is, not every reader will be patient enough to read it in its entirety. Interestingly, the same readers will weirdly go through all the short blog posts covering these same ideas as long as they’re in a sequence.

Use the newsjacking strategy

Put simply, newsjacking is a strategy of identifying a trending yet niche relevant topic and using it to create content for your blog. Although it takes a bit of getting used to fit in trending topics to your blog, it works amazingly well when you master the art. For example, if you’re in the phone sales industry and you come across a trending story on a scandal involving a popular phone manufacturer, you can create content around the topic to attract quick traffic. While at it, you may share some of your other related evergreen content within the post for increased exposure.

Personalize your content

Another effective way to create great content is to get personal and write unique experiences when handling topics in your niche. You don’t have to make your blog all about your products or services. Sometimes break the monotony and show off your unique brand personality and internal workings.

personalize your content
For example, you could write about an employee who makes things flow nicely within your business setup or promote another blogger that you envy. However, it’s important that you don’t overdo it as this may offend the serious readers or render you irrelevant to some. A good approach to this is to ensure you’re blogging more about your business and occasionally throwing in some personal content to break ice.

How are you dealing with your content creation process for your blog? We’d love to hear your feedback and experiences.

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