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Humor and Viral Website Development Tips

viral web development tips
Ever since the viral humor site 9gag hit the shelf in the internet, many similar humor sites started appearing and became popular. Some of the sites in the previous link are not well known until the term ‘humor website’ getting trending in Google search. Most of the humor and weird website genre consisted of picture and a short caption of humorous text. This type of content is a viral magnet because it drawn people to share with their friends and family.

Its human nature to share what they like, take away the troublesome of reading long text, humor website bring an unusual comfort for people to read and scan thousand of funny and weird images with message that can be related to today society issues, movie parody, celebrity parody and even meme a normal picture and make it viral.

Check out this video interview with 9gag co-founder Ray Chan by WSJ.

It is becoming a development trend on building a user generator website such as 9gag. Although it not all 100% consist of humor and funny website, its more leaning toward built-for-ready ‘viral’ website development. Web developer need to consider this strategy in developing such could be high traffic website:

Here are 5 things to consider when building a viral website

1. Dedicated Server Hosting

Unlike shared or VPS (virtual private server) hosting, dedicated hosting did not share resources such as bandwidth, memory and disk space with other people. It is solely run your own website(s) only, its like you own your own server at home, however in this case, its on remote location. You can also upgrade any hardware like memory capacity or hard drive storage capacity along the way in the future if needed.

2. Scalable Media Hosting

Running a heavy image website will take the toll on server hosting, even if you’re on powerful dedicated hosting, handling images need a more scalable media hosting solution. This is where Amazon S3 media hosting come in handy. With this step by step instruction, you can apply Amazon S3 hosting for your website’s images and files.

3. Mobile Responsive Website Layout

meme mobile optimization
Responsive web design is a must-need development for modern website. Your target visitor not only from computer desktop, you need to prepared your website for mobile user too. Almost 60% of internet users worldwide use their mobile phone to access internet for shopping, browsing and conduct daily activity.

4. Mobile Apps

If you’re serious about your website growth, consider building a mobile apps for it. Unlike responsive web design, mobile apps have better user experience for mobile users. This is where your website will go viral in days if you know how to market your website mobile apps properly. Did you remember the Flappy Bird that went viral overnight?.

5. Content Management System

You need to choose a better and faster content management system that can handle thousand or even millions of database queries. The reasonable choice would be WordPress, building a website using WordPress is fast and easy. The CMS itself is already search engine friendly which is a plus if you want your website to be viral in the future.

Final Conclusion

Whether you’re building a viral or news niche website, you’ll need to ready your website for future inevitable traffic growth. Once your site became viral, re-building to optimize it for high traffic would be difficult. You might lose fans or visitors if your website up time become unstable.

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