incorporating your branding into your website
When building a website it is easy to purely focus on the functionality you require.

Building a website without a designer involved is a little like building a house without using an architect.

Of course, your web developer will likely be familiar with delivering a good overall layout design and your new site will display perfectly on all given devices, however it is the smaller details you will miss from not employing a Graphic designer.

More than just using your brand colours on your website, a designer will look at incorporating your brand identity into the very building blocks of your company’s website.

This integration of brand should not be under estimated, no matter the size of your business or supporting website. For example this family run Potter Heigham taxi company employed a graphic designer to oversee the build of their website. Their brand colours have been cleverly incorporated into the navigation, without being too over powering. The single page website clearly delivers their brand message and despite a fair amount of copy the website does not appear over cluttered or difficult to use.

What will a Graphic Designer offer your web build that a developer alone may not?

Spacing and layout

brand in web layout
They will ensure text is correctly and agreeably placed, spacing and padding is correct. They will consider structure and layout

An Eye for Detail

They will cover that element of je ne sais quoi that others cannot. Their creative nature and attention to the elements that will be overlooked by others will provide a wonderfully atheistically pleasing final product.


A graphic designer will make sure that any typography used should match your brand guidelines and compliment your web design and remain consistent.

Future proofing

An expert designer will incorporate the latest designs and trends, whilst providng you with a deisgn that can stand up to the future and age gracefully, meaning you shouldn’t have to update it in the short term.

Individuality and Uniqueness

Web developers will often have a set template of theme they follow. By employing a graphic designer you will know that your design is a one off, even if they are sticking to some set parameters set out by the web developer.

Web Perfect Images

perfect image for website
Any images included in you website will be chosen carefully to enhance your design. They will also be appropriately sized to ensure that they a neither to small, leading to pixilation or too large which will affect your sites loading times.

User experience

An experience designer will understand the needs of your customers and will consider this when designing your website.


Your website forms the base of your online marketing platform. A great designer will also be able to promote your business, by designing a website that delivers your business messages with the right on page hierarchy.

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