seo-web-design-hkSearch engine optimization (SEO) measures how visible your site is through search engines. If your site does not rank on the first page of a Google keyword search, you are going to miss out on a great deal of business.

If you are not on the top two pages, you are likely to never be seen by a great deal of consumers looking for products within your niche. For these reasons, a business owner is always looking to improve rank, and find ways as to how to incorporate SEO into your website’s design in order to become more visible through online searches.

We needed an SEO experts opinion on the matter so we reached out to Ryan Stewart, a Miami based SEO expert.

These are a few ways that Ryan told us to integrate technical SEO into site design.


Using HTML5 semantic markup when designing your site (i.e. <header>, <footer> and <nav>), makes it easier for search engines to recognize your content. In turn, this leads to higher online rank.

By organizing information and content, and by making your page clear and concise, it is more user friendly and readable to visitors. Better page ranking is the end result of this simple tactic most businesses are incorporating into their site’s design today.

2. Content management

For blog writing, you have to choose a good content management system for the content you deliver. Either on your domain or through sub folders, you have to incorporate rich content, if you want to see your site’s rank increase.

A higher indexing score is the result of rich content, so blog content will help provide such rich content visitors are looking for. If possible, using blogging software is advisable, as it categorizes, and properly displays the content in a rich, easy to read format for visitors. Further, all the coding work has been done for you, so all you have to worry about is delivering a quality, well written blog.

3. W3C

You have already added HTML5 tags; but, you have to make sure the markup is clean and that it validates according to W3C. Using this validation tool on your homepage, and entire site if possible, validates the content, readability, and how cohesive your site is for its visitors.

With cleaner markup, your site is going to look neater. Content is easier to read, easier to find, and your site is easier on the eyes for visitors. All of this is important and relevant when it comes to SEO, and increasing your rank through the major search engines.

4. Google Webmaster Tools

You want to rank highly on Google and other search engines right? By simply implementing the Google web master tools on your site, you are more visible, and become a bigger target to the search engines, resulting in higher rank.

First you need to register your site with Google, and then you should install Google analytics. This allows you to log into your dashboard, view site metrics, and relevant information about your rank through the major search engine. It also makes your site more searchable through Google search engine, keyword searches.

5. Responsive site & Mobile site

With the latest changes to the Google algorithm, a mobile site is necessary if you do not want to see your SEO rank drop. Further, a site which is responsive, loads quickly, and has content delivered neatly, on any device, is extremely important.

Think of it this way. If you visit a site, which takes more than 30 seconds to load, and doesn’t allow you to click on links or view content you want to see, are you going to visit this site again? Probably not; most of us wouldn’t even wait the full 30 seconds.

The same goes with other searchers. If your site doesn’t load quickly, is not responsive, and doesn’t allow visitors to click on and access content they want to see, SEO rank is going to suffer.

The mobile site is also so important today, because we are always on the go and people are visiting sites more often via mobile devices. Therefore, Google made this a must for sites to see increased SEO rank.

There is not one single thing you can do when developing your site which is going to result in jumping to the first spot for keyword SEO searches. But, when you incorporate these things to your site, you are not only going to become more visible for keyword searches you are also likely to increase in SEO rank within your business niche in less time as well.

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