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Launching Your New Blog: A Simple Six-Month Strategy for Content Success

launching-your-new-blog-a-simple-six-month-strategy-for-content-successBlogging is a great way to enhance your company’s online presence. It’s no longer just for writers and artisans who want to share their ideas. All businesses can benefit from creating a blog and communicating with their customers.

But creating a great blog isn’t just about throwing a few articles up onto your page and calling it a day. A great blog that will wow readers and make them want to visit over and over again takes time to develop. The good news is that, if you really stick with it, you can create a popular blog in less than a year. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Set Specific Goals

If you fail to set goals that can be measured accurately, how can you ever know if you’ve accomplished them or not? Specific goals like “post two articles a week for the first four weeks” or “have 200 daily visitors by the third month” are good examples.

To figure out your goals, there are a couple of things you should think about. What is it that you want your blog to accomplish? Do you want it to be an extension of your business page or a standalone site? Since this is a company blog, what type of content do you plan on writing and posting? What actions do you want your visitors to take after they read a post?

These are all important things to think about. Once you can answer questions like these and others — there are many more — you can then narrow down your goals into accomplishable chunks so you can measure your success as you move forward. All successful blogs started with concrete goals that the company set beforehand.

Know Your Audience

Another important thing to know beforehand is what it is that your audience may expect from you blog. Since you are creating a company blog, you may already have a good grasp on your audience based on the products and services you sell. If this is the case, then you are well ahead of the game.

But if you feel like you need more insight into your blog audience, then it’s perfectly fine to find out — after all, the more information you have, the better chance of success you will have!

Put yourself in the audience’s shoes: why would you visit your blog? Is it informative and humorous enough to keep you coming back a couple times a week? Does it give awesome insight into your industry that people can’t find anywhere else? You need to make sure to give your audience a reason to visit…otherwise, you’re just blogging for yourself.

Get Social

Social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn are great places to promote your blog. When you first start out, you may not have a very large audience. But social media sites that you already participate in are a built-in audience that may be thrilled to read your blog.

Make sure to set a schedule for your social media shares. Each site has an optimal time to post throughout each day and week, so make sure to start there. After a week or two, you may notice that your audience responds to certain platforms better than others, or that you get more social media engagement at odd hours. These all depend on your audience’s preferences and you need to be constantly aware of them to make the most out of your posts.

Sites like can help you create a proper social media strategy that will help get your posts out there.

Content, Content, Content

When all’s said and done, none of these strategies will matter if you don’t give your audience great content. You can have the best-looking site on the web with a great layout and load times, but if you post bad content, your audience will stop visiting. Guaranteed.

What makes great content? For a business site, great content is informative and relates to your brand. If you own a plumbing business, write a post about ways to protect your house from water damage. If you are a photographer, post the story of the first photograph ever taken. Examples like these will keep your audience entertained and tie-in with your services. If you provide posts like these, then people will visit your site often, boosting your potential revenue and making your blog a success.

Follow these steps and you blog should be popular in less than a year. Good luck!


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