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Magento CMS for Your Ecommerce Project

magento cms for ecommerce project
Online commerce is very popular these days. Companies like Walmart, Amazon and many others have proven that online sales can work very well. The number of websites on the Web is enormous but not all of them are selling something. The difference between a simple one-page website or even a blog and an online store or a marketplace is significant. In the first case, you would probably go with something like WordPress but in some cases, you would need an ecommerce website to be able to build a successful web store properly.

First of all, let’s briefly describe what is Magento. It’s a content management system like WordPress but it was created specifically to build online stores more easily. Thus, the main focus of Magento CMS is ecommerce projects. Many say that it’s the best ecommerce platform out there. Well, it is definitely one of the best.

Magento CMS Pros and Cons

Magento is your choice if you would want to take advantage of the following:

  • Highly scalable and customizable
  • Multilingual and multi-currency support
  • Clean documentation
  • SEO-friendly and SEO-efficient
  • Good speed and performance

Nothing can be 100% perfect and there’s never one completely right choice. Like with any technology, this platform has its cons:

  • Quite expensive extensions
  • Hosting can be costly
  • Complexity and lots of features (not so good for small projects)

It turns out that Magento extensions can be somewhat expensive but you would need them only if you need more features than those that come out-of-the-box. In any case, ecommerce project development should not be cheap. You should have a budget to invest and if you want great results – hire experienced specialists.

How to Hire Magento Developers

To use the Magento platform properly and build a great web store, you would need to hire Magento developer and Magento developers can not only use extensions but they can create new ones. Basically, Magento devs are web developers with skills in HTML, CSS, JS, PHP and many more.

magento developer
Depending on the complexity of your project, you would need either one mid-level developer or a team of experienced specialists with different skills.

Different Hiring Models

There are a few ways to hire people for your ecommerce project. You can try to find and hire someone in your area for your in-house team. It’s a good option if you have an office, hardware software and there are such specialists where you live. The recruitment process will take some time though and you would have to onboard your new employee.

You can also use freelance portals and hire someone remotely. In this case, you should be aware of issues related to hiring a freelancer. You can end-up with low-quality results, missed deadlines and, sometimes, freelancers just quit due to unexpected reasons. This model is good if you need someone for a small not very complicated job but it’s not the best choice for your ecommerce website.

magento freelance developer
There’s also a remote hiring model that would keep your project and your budget safe and it’s called outstaffing. This way, you would get an experienced specialist for less money and this relationship is based on a contract. With outstaffing, you can also easily scale-up your team, get new specialists in almost no time and you also get to save on taxes and operational costs. It’s a perfect solution, especially for mid-sized businesses.

Top Ecommerce Platforms

There’s a great number of different ecommerce platforms out there. You can easily find out how they compare to each other and what are the main differences. Among the top 10 most popular are:

  1. BigCommerce
  2. Shopify
  3. 3dcart
  4. WooCommerce
  5. Volusion
  6. Prestashop
  7. Weebly
  8. Squarespace
  9. Magento
  10. Wix

Once again, each platform has its own advantages and disadvantages. You can pick the right one only if you know your project’s requirements well.

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