SEO can be quite a challenging subject matter to anyone outside the profession who deal with it on a daily basis. And even they need to constantly polish their skills in order to stay relevant, since this seems to be one of the most rapidly changing fields in the digital world.

In view of the fact that in order to be successful you need a thoroughly updated and bullet-proof SEO strategy for your website, you literally can’t afford to make any mistakes in the process of attracting future customers. Montreal SEO agency have a few tips on what to watch out for and avoid.

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Wrong Keyword Selection

Choosing the right keywords to use for your content is a tricky endeavour. One of the ways to avoid problems is by using tools such as Google’s Keyword Planner. It is free and easy to use, and displays how search trends fluctuate.

Keyword rank can easily be traced and the keywords used on a particular webpage – promptly modified in order to achieve a better placement. Measures in this direction are literally key to SEO success, and the most important ones to be taken.

Not Asking Your Customers For Feedback

These days you rarely go into a store without being handed a survey link together with the receipt. Businesses are eager to get their feedback more than ever, and the same is true about the web. The more reviews you have, the greater boost your website gets. Local Google + listings rank higher than any organic search result.

So how do you make this happen for your company? Well, reviews are essentially what you will get based on customer experience. Make sure you earn a positive reputation and your credibility, expressed through feedback, will draw new customers to your place of business.

Poor Content

Creating content simply for the sake of having something to show up on the page when it loads is a downright SEO suicide. Low quality or duplicated content damages SEO like nothing else does. If there is a discrepancy between your keywords and what you are creating, there is no chance you can use that to rank up. Only relevance and originality will get you there.

Copying somebody else’s content is a common mistake a lot of websites make. However, it is crucial not to snatch that old stuff and use some software to try and make it look fresh and new. Quality, originality and genuine authorship will get you the desired ranking.

Placing Link Quantity Over Link Quality

Generating multiple links is easy but you should focus on improving quality over quantity. Even one, carefully selected link to an authority website or blog will do much more for your Google ranking than a truckload of low-quality ones.

True, it might be difficult to get such links, but that’s exactly the reason why they are so valuable. Search engines trust them because they give an idea about the quality of your website.

No Title Tags or Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions and title tags are vital elements of a web page. They need to have the right amount of keywords that would help search engines identify what the content is about and index the pages accordingly for relevant keywords and phrases.

Keep in mind that if your title is too long, the search engine will most likely cut it off by leaving out important words that users might be searching for. Also, avoid the repetition of a keyword or variations of the same keyword across the site. In this article you can see more tips about how to avoid such SEO mistakes.

Write relevant meta descriptions written in active voice. They should be short, to the point and make the user want to click and check out the page in question. Meta descriptions are very important SEO characteristic and influence the click-through-rate of a web site immensely. They are absolutely worth putting effort into.

Not Following Google Search Algorithm Updates

SEO’s speed of change can literally make your head spin just thinking about keeping up to date. It is really difficult to keep track of everything that is going on, and less so to try and modify your content accordingly each and every time.

Luckily, Google has some great tools that can help you figure out what you have been missing out on and take steps to make any necessary corrections. Search Console is free and, when installed on your web page, gives an idea about your ranking and any significant issues that might need to be addressed.

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