reasons to draft web design and seo strategies together
Improving your website’s SERP ranking would need you to focus on various aspects, at the same time. However, it is easy to focus on things that seem more critical while missing out on elements that may be equally important.

For example, many people consider drafting their web designs and SEO strategies separately. And believe me, it’s the worst thing anyone can do to harm a website.

If you’re also making the same mistake, then thankfully, you’ve crawled upon the right piece of information online.

In this article, you should find 5 reasons why drafting your web designs along with your SEO strategies is a better decision.

Significant Mobile Users Visit Your Website

Whether you’re a blogger or a digital marketer, you cannot ignore the increasing number of mobile users. And subsequently, these mobile users are amongst your target audience. So, you simply cannot ignore them, since they contribute a significant portion of your web traffic.

It needs no saying that mobile-friendliness is indeed a part of web designing. And as far as SEO is concerned, mobile-friendliness also has an impact on the SERP rank of your website. In short, they both tend to go hand-in-hand.

Your Content Must Be Readable To The Masses

Once again, your design plays an important role in improving your users’ experience. Think of it this way, you’ve written a blog post, but your readers are bouncing off. The reason could be a broken design or blocks of content placed irregularly. And it needs no mention that increased bounce rates affect your website’s SEO negatively.

Your webs design should enable readers to read with ease. There are two aspects of readability- visual appearance and language. While you can manage your language in your content, it is the appearance that needs more work. Finding a good agency to help you balance both should prove beneficial. You can use this list,, to find the best digital marketing agency. Only when both the elements work harmoniously you can expect improved SERP rankings.

Everyone Has Limited Time On Their Watch

Take a note of the time it takes for any page on your website to load fully before anyone can click something. Today’s internet users need everything on the count of their fingers. No-one has time to wait for a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Apparently, your web speed also affects your SEO, since Google and other major search engines take a note of it. So, here’s one more reason you should draft your web design and SEO plans together.

If Crawlers Can Read It, Your Audience Can Find It

important of search engines seo
Chances that you might have heard about sitemaps being important for SEO, are very high. But did you know that from the users’ perspective, SEO has no direct significance? I mean, who visits a sitemap to search for a piece of content on a website?

The sitemap, though, is important for search engines. Putting up a sitemap on your website helps crawlers navigate through your website effortlessly. And we all know that when crawlers know better about your website, they’ll show you more results before your audience. And therefore, improve organic rankings for your website.

Keeping The Users Happy Is Most Difficult

Most important of all the aspects is keeping the users happy. After all, it’s the user that makes or breaks your website. So, all your web designing strategies and SEO drafts should actually be drawn keeping in mind the user intent.

For example, users like simple yet impactful web designs. And at the same time, they also want it to be easily readable. In short, skipping on users whether you’re designing or practicing SEO, will harm your website.

Final summary

By now, you must have understood why it is so important that you draft your web design and SEO strategies together. So, what are you waiting for? Start amending your plans and gain more benefits from a balanced approach.

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