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Security Tips: Beware of Internet Felon – The SEO Scammer!

security tips internet seo scamSearch Engine Optimization is one of the most important tools that any business needs to use. Like every other tool ever made, SEO can be used to help the population — which includes everyone who has ever used the internet to search for information — or it can also be used maliciously in an attempt to selfishly improve a website’s search ranking at the cost of internet users.

See, when SEO was first introduced, it was primitive at best in terms of algorithms. Many website owners were able to game the system in order to boost their website’s ranking. As a result, internet users often got results that weren’t of any value to them.

Luckily, Google has since taken upon itself to create an algorithm that’s capable of determining whether or not a website is relevant to the search terms that an internet user looks up. Modern search engines are governed by an algorithm that’s capable of scanning web content for relevance.

And when this algorithm detects that a website is trying to game the system, Google then penalizes the website by significantly lowering its ranking, or even preventing that website from being indexed in the first place.

Now, SEO is a Herculean task that should only be performed by a legitimate SEO consultant. Because the task is difficult, the pay is quite handsome (or exorbitant, depending on which side of the fence you’re on).

SEO scammers will often lure you in with sweet promises and baseless claims such as:

“I can guarantee that your website will rank #1 in X hours” or “I have a special relationship with Google that allows me to manipulate your website ranking.”

If a candidate claims that he can guarantee results, then it’s best to just walk away, because SEO takes time to accomplish. Furthermore, Google keeps its algorithm a secret. This is so that no single entity can ever hope to manipulate the system.

If a candidate also offers you a free trial period, then you have to end the interview right then and there, because SEO is a difficult task to perform. Nobody does it for free, even as a trial period.

The sly ones are those who are not only secretive about their SEO methods, but are also deceptive with their contracts. Some SEO scammers will actually follow proper SEO practices and they will actually get you good results. However, the scam here is when they state in the contract that all the content that they add to your website becomes their property.

This usually results in your web content being held ransom, or worse, these scammers may even sell your effective content to your competition, thus directing the traffic from your website to that of your rivals.

This is why you need to ask the right questions in order for you to avoid these complications. An SEO scammer will often use black hat SEO techniques in order to fool you into thinking that they are effective at what they’re doing. And you may even get great results at first, but remember that Google penalizes websites — not the SEO consultants — for the use of such practices. So, you get burned while they run away with your money; this is exactly why you should always be on the lookout for these felons.

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